Fall 2020 Snapshots – What’s Closed

The October snapshot series has covered a few things in Albion that are coming back after the pandemic shutdowns and special services that are offered here.

On this page, see a sampling of places in Albion that are currently closed.  Check back soon for the photos of some places that are open in Albion!

Albion District Library


Albion District Library had reopened in August 2020, but while it was closed this spring and summer, some water damage occurred. So it is closed again.  Links to all of these places will be at the bottom of this photo essay.

Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce is closed for the time being.

Albion Food Hub

The Albion Food Hub is no longer open to the public and is officially closed.  There are some things happening inside and outside that we will mention below.

Kids ‘N’ Stuff Museum

The Kids ‘N’ Stuff Museum building is not open to the public at this time.  There are some activities outdoors being offered though.


Pure Albion Gift Shop

Pure Albion Gift Shop – while not officially open, does offer free delivery and shipping of gifts related to Albion.  More information and a peak inside below.

More links to the Albion favorite places that are closed:

Albion District Library:  Visit them online here: http://www.albionlibrary.org/

or their Facebook page here:


Albion District Library is a Carnegie Library.  See a list of Michigan Carnegie Libraries here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Carnegie_libraries_in_Michigan

Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce

Visit them online here: https://www.greateralbionchamber.org/

Visit their Facebook page here:  https://www.facebook.com/greateralbionchamber

See the Business director of the Chamber members here:


Albion Food Hub

Visit the Food Hub’s Facebook page here:


The Helping Hands Food Boxes are still being distributed outdoors at this location, see the flier on the Facebook page above.  Also these links are posted in the Albion Google Calendar posted on this website here:


Look for the 2nd Thursdays, the 4th Tuesdays and also the 3rd Tuesdays.

The official page for the Albion Food Hub and Farmer’s Market is here:


Kids ‘N’ Stuff Museum (KNS)

Here is the official website for Kids ‘N’ Stuff that explains that they are hibernating:


There are some special events going on at Kids ‘N’ Stuff that are listed on their Facebook page here:


KNS has a cute sign in the window.

Pure Albion Gift Shop

Visit Pure Albion Gift Shop’s website here:


Visit Pure Albion on Facebook here:


Take a peek inside the window of Pure Albion:

The note cards of Albion shown in this photo are all shown in greater detail online at:

http://michiganprints.com/albion.shtml – for cards of the city of Albion

and for cards of Albion College visit this link:


You can preview from there and put together a Michigan-based gift that includes any of the Albion Cards or Albion College cards.

More resources for Albion:

Albion Google Calendar – includes Albion City Council, Marshall School Board, Helping Hand Food box pickups, Community Open Walking, COVID testing, Music, and links to official community calendars.

Index to Albion Websites:

Albion Churches Online

General Guide to Albion

Places in Albion that are OPEN – and more listings coming soon!

The Bohm Theatre has a few new things happening, you can read about them by clicking here.

The COVID-19 Neighborhood testing is being offered at the Washington Gardner School building on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Learn more about that by clicking here.

There is a series of articles and videos about Voting in Albion and the local elections click here to see those.