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Albion’s Farmers Market, June 15, 2019

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We are Albion, Michigan

by: Ben Muldrow (Arnett Muldrow)

For hundreds of years, natives were drawn to this special place where the Kalamazoo River forks. On its banks, they celebrated this beautiful place – a place to gather, a place to trade, and a place to celebrate the abundance that nature provided.

In the 1830s, the early settlers were also drawn to the bucolic forks of our river. And fueled by the power of its waters, a community emerged, harnessing water to power mills and transport crops.

And from its early days, education has always been held in the highest esteem. When first founded, Albion College was teaching natives and settlers, men and women, with the belief that education was a valuable connection shared by all.

Albion College originally met the educational needs of the children of Native Americans and settlers in the area. Always on the leading edge, Albion became one of the first schools in the Midwest to introduce coeducation.


And Albion College is still shaping the future today round its historic quad and introducing the world to the warmth of the place we call home. As the railroad came, business blossomed. And on this industrial stage, we see the dynamic blend of creativity and productivity, as the factories of Albion innovated solutions and developed new standards that drew the interests of entrepreneurs around the globe. We defined hard work and a loyal community.

Union Steel from above

From our factories that brought immigrants, to our schools who have drawn those eager to seek the torch of knowledge, Albion has an amazing dynamic of a truly diverse place that has preserved its small-town feel.

From the unique flavors celebrated at the Festival of the Forks to
Live Music performed in parks, restaurants, and theaters throughout the town, our community is truly that.

A community.
We are a River Town. And we are a Trail Town.
We are a College Town. And we are an Arts Town.
We are a place where things are Made. Crafted. Shaped.
We are a place of true connection.
A place with 21 bridges that span our river.
A place with 4,000,000 sq. ft. of parks.
A place where T-ball was invented and
Mothers Day was first celebrated.
We are a place with streets paved with bricks, neighborhoods lined with trees, and friendships
made of gold.
We invite you to discover this place we call home.
We are Albion, And We are Naturally Connected.


Ben Muldrow (Arnett Muldrow)