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Mr. Bonner – the Book

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Author Michelle Mueller was originally trained as an interior designer and came to mid-Michigan to work for the century-old, family-owned eatery Schuler’s Restaurant in Marshall. 

From there, she began to work for other private building owners, and then discovered her skill for writing. 

Her writing for various non-profit and for-profit groups led her to be the Executive Director of the Albion Civic Foundation during a key time when it was transformed into the Albion Community Foundation and began a massive grant program to help Albion Youth. 

Michelle was also named the directory of the Community Partnership for Albion Youth (CPAY) that brought in more grants for Albion 

Michelle Mueller

Michelle Mueller

Michelle is the author of the book Mr. Bonner: The Story of a Mentoring Journey, which was released in 2019.   She has written for The Recorder, the Albion College Io Triumphe magazine, and she is an enthusiastic scrapbooker in her spare time.  See more articles by Michelle Mueller here: www.albionmich.net/writer-mueller/

Visit Michelle Mueller, Author, on her Facebook page, and be sure to like the page!  Click on the photo below.

Harry Bonner, and Michelle Mueller celebrate the successful first printing of the book "Mr. Bonner."

Author Michelle Mueller first met local youth mentor Harry Bonner Sr. when she was a journalist for the local Albion Recorder newspaper. For more than twenty years, he has been her guide to better understanding the history, lives and needs of Albion’s – and the nation’s – African-American community and using her writing skills to tell those stories. She was greatly honored when he asked her to write a book.

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