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Albion River Trail

Click the photo above to see the photos from Labor Day Albion 2019 – Walk the Trail. Labor Day Albion – Walk the Trail takes

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Albion has a long history of celebrating and cultivating Black lives. Prior to the Great Migration beginning in 1916, the community had a very small population of Black Americans.

Since recruiting Black men from the south to work in the city’s industries, Black families have come to settle in Albion. Now the small town’s population has grown to be home to approximately 30% African American residents.

A crowd of Black Michiganders celebrating Emancipation Day on August 1, 1927 in Albion.


During the last 100+ years, Albion has stood out for its strength as a hub for civil rights leaders and social justice activists. Its residents often compare the community to a big family – one that can disagree and still remain by each other’s side, particularly in times of need.

Albion was the home of three Tuskegee Airmen, a rare achievement for a city this size.

Strenuous challenges have impacted the city of Albion; once a thriving industrial town, the closing of businesses, the local hospital, and the public school district have caused many residents to leave also.

Those who remain in Albion are concerned about the city’s future; while many are still coming together to envision what is possible amidst such great loss, many others feel a sense of mistrust too great to risk further pain.

When considering a key component of Albion’s Black History, let us remember some of the most incredible leaders who have come and imparted their wisdom. Among many trailblazers who have given back to the community, Albion’s anchor institutions have hosted the following luminaries:

What is more, the graduates of Albion Public Schools have also gone on to achieve greatness in every arena you can imagine. As with all of the information on, the content of the Black History page will continue to grow to paint the more full and rich picture of Albion that it deserves.

The best information about Black History in Albion can be found on the new website:

For now, please see below the articles and webpages that Albion residents have created to tell vital stories that are far too often overlooked in American society.


Juneteenth in Albion is a little different every year.  In 2022, the weather was lovely, temperatures in the mid-70s and breezy.  People gathered as usual

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The Melting Pot Club – 1968

Albion’s designation as an “All-America City” for 1973 began with individuals in the community noticing problems. The application for the award mentioned several local initiatives

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