Cozy Up with Art 2019

Cozy Up with Art is an Albion tradition that began in 2003 as an event to spend time with friends and neighbors.   Albion Heritage Bed & Breakfast closed May 2019 when the owners, Dick Lewin and Mary Slater, decided it was time to retire.  Their tradition lived on.

But several of their projects are continuing, and Cozy Up with Art is one of them.  Now hosted by Nobel and Pam Schuler of Schuler Arts, this event brings in people from near and far to share in the Arts. Over 175 people attended the event on Saturday, Dec. 7, 2019.  These were the participating artists:

  • Susan Behling
  • Nancy Binkowski
  • Amanda Cheladyn
  • Denise Clenney
  • Debbie Erlandson
  • Andrew French
  • Mary Habicht
  • Christina Hetzler
  • Maggie LaNoue
  • Joan Larsen
  • Sue Ott,
  • Cassie Porter
  • Nobel Schuler
  • Pati Scobey
  • Kathy Stroshein
  • Gwen Tabb
  • Bobbie VanEck
  • Robert Wall
  • Teiko Wall
  • Aiden Wade
  • Aurelia Wade
  • Jenny Risner-Wade
  • Jerome Washington
  • Laura Wylie

Artists could share their creative works, and sell them as well.  Guests munched on snacks, warmed themselves by the fire, and listened to live music provided by Dan Steeves on the Dulcimer.

Visitors run into old friends, new friends and can do their holiday shopping in a way that is not as consumeristic as shopping at the mall.

Visit Schuler Arts online at: