Citizens to Beautify Albion

Flower Planting needs helpers! Saturday, May 25 2019. Click here for the info for the location to pick up flowers and directions to plant.

Citizens to Beautify Albion is a group founded by one of Albion’s 3 Tuskegee Airmen, Richard Weatherford. Each year the group plants flowers in Albion along the main roads. More volunteers are now sought, and the group asks you to visit their facebook page to learn more.

Men Who Cook is an annual event in Albion Michigan to benefit the Citizens to Beautify Albion. It usually takes place on the third weekend of February.

Citizens to Beautify Albion is a grassroots organization founded by Richard and Elverta Weatherford in 1985, dedicated to beautifying Albion by planting flowers along the entrances and business loop of Albion. This is accomplished by raising funds with the annual Men Who Cook fundraiser and having community volunteers plant and maintain the flowers during the summer season. The Weatherford Garden is also maintained along with permanent flower planters in the downtown business district.

Citizens to Beautify Albion is looking for volunteers to help plant flowers, and to keep the roadside gardens weeded and watered during the growing season.

Visit the group on Facebook to learn more about how to volunteer.

Citizens to Beautify Albion is a non profit organization and appreciates your donations of money and time so that we can keep Albion beautiful.


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