Superior Arts – some familiar faces

The proprietors of Superior Arts, Mary, and Dick Lewin, welcomed guests to the Open House as their holiday pop up gallery also launched on the day of the open house.  The shop features art by several family members, including Dick Lewin, Debbie Erlandson, Mary’s daughter, and Robert Erlandson, Debbie’s father.  

Some of the art is known as fractal art. 

Evolving Fractal Art

The word “fractal” was coined in 1975 by Benoit Mendelbrot to describe the new form of mathematics he was creating to model earthquakes and other effects of chaotic forces.  Since the word was introduced we have come to understand we live in a world of fractals and consequently we now view our world differently than before 1975. This presentation, Evolving Fractal Art, looks at art prior to and after 1975, after showing the omnipresence of fractal patterns in our lives.