Canadian Speaker/Film Series – April 5-6, 2016

Joanie and Gary McGuffin – Photo © Gary McGuffin

Albion College – Tuesday April 5, 7:30 p.m
. at the Bobbitt Visual Arts Center Auditorium, 805 E. Cass St. – Link to official page about event
Free lecture – Come and hear wilderness photographers Joanie and Gary McGuffin talk about their search for the locations visited by Canada’s most celebrated landscape painters, the Group of Seven, who captured the spirit of the land, water, and skies of northern Ontario in the 1920’s.  LOCATION MAP

Douglas George, Consul General of Canada, (used with permission)

Albion College – Wednesday, April 6, 4:30 p.m.
, Kellogg Center,
611 E. Porter Street Albion College –  Link to official page about event
Free Presentation –
Open to the public – Canada and the U.S.: Allies, Partners and Friends: Presentation by Douglas George, Consul General of Canada for the States of Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. George will share details on the history and little-known benefits of the remarkable relationship between the the United States and Canada.

See the bio of Consul General Douglas George


Painted Land © Gary McGuffin

Bohm Theatre – Wednesday April 6, at 7:30 p.m.

“Painted Land – In Search of the Group of Seven”free film screening in the beautiful newly renovated Bohm Theatre – 201 S. Superior St, Albion
Link to official page about the event – Eight years of research and exploration to locate, document and map the landscapes immortalized in the paintings by the Group of Seven, internationally renowned Canadian artists. See trailer of the film below.   LOCATION MAP

Who are the the McGuffins?  Gary and Joanie McGuffin are official “Champions of the Coast” in Ontario, and have taken many trips of thousands of miles in their canoe, backpacking and biking to help bring recognition to the beautiful and fragile Canadian wilderness.

Who are the “Group of Seven” artists? Many of the Group of Seven’s canvases and sketches, from the 1920’s have become iconic representations of the Canadian soul.


See trailer of the film


Visit Gary and Joanie McGuffins on their website:

Quote from the website – used with permission: “From our earliest years, Gary and I have spent our lives in the outdoors, the wild outdoors. For both of us, we’ll claim the most influential part of our education and upbringing was the contrast provided by a school year city life and a summertime northern life.”

Please come and enjoy this wonderful opportunity!