Walk the Trails Near Albion!

Labor  Day Albion – Walk the River Trail – has been a popular event for a decade.  Albion is becoming known as a “hub of trails.”

Labor Day is a good day to take a free, self-guided walk along Albion’s scenic river trail.  If you do come, please bring your own face mask and water.

Hikers are encouraged to stop by the beautiful displays at History Hill in Holland Park, near the corner of Cass Street and Albion Street, to read about the history of Albion’s West Ward School. The school closed in 1953, as students’ parents recognized the school as “separate but unequal” within the Albion school district. In previous years, the Labor Day event has included a special talk about History Hill in Holland Park. Walkers can still learn about how Albion’s leaders helped to improve educational segregation and disparities in Michigan, thanks to the historical markets installed at the park.

In 2020 the walk was unofficial and self-guided. We recognize that there is a need to be outdoors and Albion has many great natural, recreational assets that you can explore on your own. To read more posts about the trails, and to see many more photos and maps, visit this link:


Past years walks:

Walk the Albion River Trail

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no official Labor Day Albion – Walk the River Trail event for 2020.  Nevertheless, the Albion Recreation Department invites the public to get outdoors to enjoy the trail, and the historic displays at Holland Park this year.

The City of Albion does not assume any liability for trail hikers.