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Albion Community Bike Rides
Albion Community Bike Ride May 16, 2015. Photo by Linda LaNoue.

Albion is increasingly becoming known for its walking trails and self guided tours.
There are also several very nice biking trails in and near Albion. On this page we will sort out a “general guide” to the trails, and post links to the best copy of each one that we can find, and also post links to all the official sources. Please also review our maps page, where we are creating interactive maps with more information about each spot, that you can access from your mobile devices.

Happy Trails to you – until we meet again.

Albion River Trail brochure

Albion River Trail has been enjoying more use recently with the Albion Community Bike Rides, and the North Country Trail now using this route.  There

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Repainting an Albion landmark

Repainting the Coca Cola Mural

The Coca-Cola mural in Albion was restored in the summer of 2021.  It is located at the junction of Superior and Cass Streets.  This is the spot where the roads change from North Superior Street to South Superior.  From West Cass Street to East Cass  Street.  This is a central point for Albion’s non-motorized trails.  Learn how people helped this historic repainting venture, that formerly happened in 1983, when this photo above was taken.

Restore Our Coke Sign Resources

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The “Great Blizzard of ‘78” was a storm that Albionites will never forget, one that will be a legend through the 21st century. Approximately 28” of snow fell in Albion.

National Weather Service accurately predicted the storm, saving many lives. It described it as a “storm of unprecedented magnitude” and categorized it as a rare severe blizzard, the most severe grade of winter storm.
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