Think Music Think Albion

Albion’s musical entertainment is bringing in visitors from near and far.   The mainstay of Albion’s live music has been Albion College, with the free concerts, especially in the Spring.  Most of these concerts take place at Goodrich Chapel.  We will be getting them all listed on our calendar, with links to the original source of information.  A new music event at the fabulous Bohm Theatre is the monthly Blues at the Bohm.  Stop by Cascarelli’s before you get there, for a bit of refreshment and pizza.

Another old source of music in Albion is Dickerson Music Company.  Now with new owner Kelly Kidder, there are new fun events at the old music store.  One such event is a gathering of Ukulele players in March of 2017.  Check out the video below even if you can’t be there for the jam.  Scroll down for more upcoming music events in Albion.

Open Mic night is now happening at the Bohm.  This event happens the Monday following Blues at the Bohm.  We’ll be posting more information soon.

This summer be sure to come and enjoy Swingin’ at the Shell at the one of a kind Victory Park Bandshell on Sunday evenings.   See some of the events from 2016 here: