Progress in Albion

Albion also has many stories of overcoming hardships that stretch back over 100 years.  We have seen various losses in the past 20 years including the closure of the largest employer at the time, Hayes Albion. With Albion Community Hospital closing during the same year, 2002, and K-Mart also closing that same year, there have been series of hardships that Albionites have weathered.

The following stories demonstrate elements of Albion’s resiliency in recent years. Building upon the city’s strengths is a common thread that can generate even more momentum for continued growth and prosperity.

A Community Celebration hosted by ARC

Project Rising Tide


Below are some “cornerstone posts” that each link to more stories about our favorite Albion progress themes.  These include the Bohm Theatre Restoration, the Albion Malleable Brewery, the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel,  the Ludington Center, the Coca-Cola mural restoration, and Walk the Beat.

Women Owned Businesses in Albion

A ribbon-cutting for a new woman-owned business happened in early September!

Learn about how Albion leaders found workers when immigration was shut off during World War I, in 1916.  The Great Migration

“Albion’s Story is America’s Story.”

Read about the 2020 Upjohn Economic Forecast, the Report on Albion’s Infrastructure, and the Sheridan Township Solar Farms below.

OVERVIEW – Albion’s 2020 Economic Forecast includes surprises and unknowns – An Overview