McIntosh Park Groundbreaking

It was a cold and snowy April day in Albion, but there was much laughter and joy. Over 50 people gathered including a dozen children to hear about new changes upcoming to McIntosh Park.  There is also a story to be told about how this park came to be, and how James McIntosh came to be Albion’s first Black City Council member.

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McIntosh Park had its ceremonial groundbreaking ceremony, on April 18, 2022, even though the ground had clearly been broken and work had begun.

McIntosh Park Groundbreaking Ceremony, April 18, 2022

McIntosh Park in Albion Michigan will be revitalized in the Spring and Summer of 2022 thanks to a generous gift from an Albion family.

James McIntosh, the namesake of McIntosh Park, was Albion’s first African-American councilman.

1954-55 Albion City Council

Back row: James McIntosh representing the 2nd precinct–he was Albion’s first black city councilman; Gardner Lloyd representing the 6th precinct; and Karl H. Miller from the 3rd precinct. Front row, left to right: Mayor Charles Hughes; George Kracko representing the 1st precinct; Edwin Williams from the 4th precinct who passed away in August 1955 in the midst of his term; and Lyle Johnson from the 5th precinct. Lyle would subsequently serve as an Albion Mayor in 1964-65.

The times were changing in Albion
and nationwide during the year 1954.

1954: Housing Act expanded, focused on rehabilitation and conservation. O14
1954: James McIntosh becomes first black resident elected to Albion City Council. O30
1954.10.09: College, Groundbreaking for Wesley Hall addition. F577

City Council:
Mayor, Norman H. Wiener
City Clerk and Treasurer, John Bentley
Attorney, Joe Wilcox
Engineer, Hugo Rieger

West Ward School – segregated for years before 1954

At the beginning of the 1953-54 school year, area parents, led by Rev. Marion Wheeler and Robert Holland, Sr., and others, staged a boycott of classes which lasted several weeks. Finally, on October 20, the school board voted to close West Ward School and send students elsewhere.

The history of Albion is different than any of the cities nearby.     Read more about  Albion’s history and our people by clicking here.

Groundbreaking ceremony for McIntosh Park Revitalization Project

McIntosh Park is located at State Street and Hoaglin Drive and currently has basketball courts, a picnic shelter, a playground, and a sandlot ballfield. Restrooms are available.

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