Juneteenth in Albion is a little different every year.  This year in 2022, the weather was lovely, temperatures in the mid-70s and breezy.  People gathered as usual in front of City Hall for the walking parade from there to Holland Park.  A proclamation of Juneteenth was read by Mayor Victoria Garcia-Snyder.

As usual a group was gathered for the photo before the walking parade.  This year we did not have a band, or the dancers, but the people who came were glad to be a part of the day.

In Holland Park, the first thing that catches the eye is children playing on the equipment that was installed as part of Holland Park Transformation.

Then walking toward the old gazebo, the NACCP table stands out.  Here the Albion NAACP President Bob Dunklin stands with Wesley Dick, a semi-retired Albion College history professor and former president of Albion Branch NAACP.  The group was taking signatures for a petition called “Promote the Vote” which is working to get a vote on the ballot for the upcoming election that will help voters to have access to the polls.

There were a number of tables at Juneteenth 2022, including Health-related, food-related, service groups, and craft vendors.   There was the opportunity for visitors to get their COVID-19 vaccines, get masks, get tests for future use, get prevention kits for drugs, and take surveys also.

We’ll include some health-related vendors here first.

Juneteenth Albion 2022 Health Care

One of the highlights in Holland Park is History Hill.  This spot showcases how Albion schools became desegregated, due to the activism of Robert Holland, the namesake of Holland Park, and others in the 1950’s.  More information about Holland Park is available at the bottom of this page.