General Guide – 2021 Engage Edition

General Guide 2021 -Engage Edition – 37th Issue

Perhaps never has a new year been so welcome as the year 2021.  If you live in the city of Albion or rural Albion, look inside the Morning Star shopper newspaper the weekend of January 9th to get your copy of General Guide 2021 – Engage Edition. Homes in the City of Marshall will receive their Guides the weekend of January 15th in the AdVisor & Chronicle newspaper.

This 37th issue is sponsored by the Albion Community Foundation, cultivating community assets for over 50 years.  Albion College, Senior Care Partners, The Recorder, Morning Star, and all the businesses listed on the Guide also help support this work on behalf of the Albion area.

Inside the Guide are ideas for different ways to engage in the community.

Some ways are easier than others, and each have benefits. The five methods below are also in the Guide.

One of the best ways to engage is to volunteer. Featured in the Guide are some of the Men Who Cook volunteers from 2020.  This annual event benefits the volunteer group Citizens to Beautify Albion, which plants flowers and adds other special touches to Albion.  Click here to see some articles about volunteering nearby.
A second way to engage is to give.  Giving to nonprofit organizations is an excellent way to engage, for those who can give financially. Click here to see some Albion area nonprofit organizations that accept donations online.
Getting outside is another great way to appreciate your community and going to a public park is an easy way to do this. According to some records, Albion has more public parks than any city in the U.S. Click here to see a map of public parks in Albion.

Speaking up is another way to make a difference and to be involved. It also helps to listen to public meetings and reliable news sources. Social media and virtual meetings make it more convenient than ever to learn and share your perspective.

Start by tuning into public meetings listed on the Albion Google Calendar.

Residents of the City of Albion can also see local information on the website “NextDoor.” Learn more about this platform.

Another great way to get engaged in the upcoming year is to simply show up. There are virtual events regularly happening in Albion and surrounding communities. There is free live music in Albion during warmer weather. Click here to see some entertainment in Albion and nearby

Each of the five topics above has more information online. is the customized website connected with the General Guide. 

Check out stories about volunteerism and other selected stories from The Recorder Newspaper.

There is an index of Albion nonprofits that have online giving opportunities.

There are maps of Albion’s public parks, and stories about the Albion River Trail, and the Albion dog park.

The Albion Google Calendar has links to public meetings, music events, and the Albion church directory from The Recorder.

General Guides will also be available at Albion City Hall, Family Fare in Albion, and other locations that are currently open to the public.


Albion Design & Marketing creates and manages the General Guide and This local firm has generated artistic content of Michigan in print since 1979 and online since 1996.

A special thank you to all of the participating businesses and organizations that contribute to General Guide through the web marketing program.  Many of them will have extra copies of General Guide 2021 by mid-January and throughout the year.  More information about these organizations is available throughout this website.  Click here to see the top sponsors.

Check back often for more of the details about this new General Guide!

In the meantime, please visit to learn more about Albion.