Community Engagement Statement – City of Albion

The City of Albion posts a Community Engagement Statement that is updated at least every 5 years and includes information such as:

Some excerpts:

All residents of the City of Albion are key stakeholders and will continue to be involved in the future development of our community. The City of Albion and its third party consultants will take a proactive approach to public engagement and make concerted efforts to ensure that there are opportunities for all to be involved in the decision-making process when appropriate.

KEY STAKEHOLDERS IN THE CITY OF ALBION In the City of Albion, each project will be evaluated on an individual basis to ensure that all interested and appropriate stakeholders are included.


• Website – announces meetings, post City Council, Planning Commission, and boards/commissions packets and agendas, meeting minutes, and will often contain pages or links for topics of major interest.

• Newspaper – The Albion Recorder is Albion’s weekly newspaper published every Thursday with events from Albion, Concord, and Springport. The Advisor/Chronicle is a free weekly newspaper published on Fridays and covers both Albion and Marshall.

• Cable – The City of Albion posts relevant information about community events, public hearings, and other meetings onWOW! Cable Channel 17. City Council and Planning Commission meetings are also broadcast live on this channel.

• Printed Posting – Available for viewing at the City Hall bulletin board outside of City Hall and Public Service Building bulletin board.

• Announcements – Announcements are made during meetings of the City Council, Planning Commission, and other boards and commissions.

• Press releases and article – The City will issue press releases and information for articles to various newspaper regarding public hearings, developments, and other projects (including the Battle Creek Enquirer, the Homer Index, the Albion/Marshall Advisor & Chronicle, the Albion Recorder, and the Albion E-News).

• Email or postal mail – Interested parties may request to the City Clerk that they be notified personally of meetings/topics for discussion. Postal mailings are sent to neighbors within 300 feet of properties applying for zoning change and variance requests, according to statute.

• YouTube – All City Council Meetings are recorded and posted on YouTube. Recordings can be found on the City of Albion’s YouTube page at: