Albion College Whitehouse Nature Center History Trail


Whitehouse Nature Center at Albion College has some wonderful trails to walk and explore.  Nine sites have been marked with red, white and blue symbols, and a history of each is included, along
with a map, in this brochure.  As you walk the trails, perhaps this brochure will help you understand your role in the story of the land as it is now as well as your place in its future.

After a severe linestorm in 2014, many of the trails needed clearing because over 1,000 trees were lost at the Nature Center. The Whitehouse Nature Center is 140 acres’ worth of outdoor education, and it comes complete with a visitors’ center that houses a classroom, wildlife observation room, and live exhibits of local reptiles and amphibians. We’re owned and operated by Albion College, but our facilities and services are open to public schools and the community for environmental education.

Click here to access a printable brochure with a history trail related to this site. There is also much information on the Albion College website with more information about this valuable community resource.