Albion Art Walk

Albion has been a favorite city for artists over the years.  Perhaps due to the private liberal arts college within the community, or perhaps the convenient location for access to the highway and affordable homes, artists like to live in Albion.

This brochure of the Albion Art Walk was created by Albion College student Zack Havens to showcase the wonderful art in downtown Albion.


Zack worked with:

  • Sue Marcos and the
    Albion Chamber
    Of Commerce
  • Robina Quale Leach
    Sarah Briggs
  • Jim Whitehouse
  • Albion College
  • Elizabeth Schultheiss
  • Vivian Davis
  • Annette Lerma
  • Keith Kaplan
  • Amanda Lankard

Funding for this brochure was provided by The Arts and Industry Council and Albion Economic Development. There are copies available at the Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce or see the pdf by clicking here.

There is also an Albion walking tour Google map with a layer for art near the Albion River Trail.  See that map in the upper menu.