When Albion got a Southern Flavor

Coca-Cola Mural in downtown Albion Michigan
Possibly the largest Coca-Cola mural in the U.S. is slated to be restored in 2020. See more about the claim to fame at the bottom of this article.

In 1922, there were some changes to the community of Albion Michigan. It was just after World War I, and the immigrants who were hired to work in the factories were not able to cross the ocean due to the changes brought by the war. Since the factories were going full steam, a new plan was made across the northern states to recruit people from the south, both black and white workers. The flavor of many northern communities, especially Albion with its foundries supplying war efforts, because distinctly more southern. At this same time, a southern company, Coca-Cola was looking for ways to increase its sales to the north, where these southerners had moved.

Coca-Cola would one day become the world’s best-selling beverage and the most recognized and beloved brand in the world. Marketing genius Asa Candler commissioned sign painters to fan out across the country to extol the virtues of the fledgling drink. “Delicious and Refreshing.’

As many as 16,000 wall murals were painted by the Company and its many local bottlers. Many of these faded into obscurity. The sign in Albion was repainted at least once, but most recently in 1983, when it was so faded that it was about to be painted over. In 2019, this sign in Albion, 36’ x 40’, possibly the largest Coke mural in the world, is about to be restored to its early glory.

The restoration project, that includes other public art for Albion, needs help in order to gain matching funds from the State of Michigan.  The campaign ended successfully on November 3, 2019, when the matching fund offer expired.  After that time however, new contributions from major donors continued to arise.

Restore Our Coke Sign from Black Lab Five on Vimeo.

See the video that explains how much the Coca-Cola mural means to the City of Albion, Michigan.

Note: Why we think this might be the world’s largest Coca-Cola mural is that this article says the largest one is 17 feet high, and Albion’s mural is 36 feet high.


There are probably wider murals. But none like this one, and we do need to help to restore the wall and the mural in a conservative manner. We have hired an expert and will be sharing more information from him soon