What used to be Wilking’s Office Supply in Albion Michigan

Albion Michigan – Friday April 8, 2016 – The demolition of the 200 block of South Superior Street continues.

This video shows how fast the work is being done, in anticipation of a new hotel in this block, next door to Cascarelli’s of Albion.

The way the buildings crumble is a bit reminiscent of the old Godzilla movies or a Star Wars film, where a big animal or machine rips into our frail man-made structures.

This 2.5 minute real film clip is both sad with its destructive nature, and also exciting with the possibility of something better. Just as Godzilla was a metaphor for the horrible nuclear radiation after WWII, we consider that this block is referred to as Albion’s Brownfield Redevelopment due to the contaminated nature of the soil under these buildings. Out of a very bad situation, there is a possibility for growth and new life.