Walk for Warmth

walk1Do you know the history of Walk for Warmth? Here’s some information about how it all started in Albion!
Community Action agencies across the nation hold an annual “Walk for Warmth” fundraising event in which funds are raised to assist low to middle-income individuals and families who struggle with the costs of heating their home. The roots of this event are traced back to Albion, Michigan.
On February 14, 1983, Tim Kurtz, the Albion Community Action Coordinator at the time, held a 24 hour walk-a-thon to raise funds for heating assistance. “Helping the Poor in 24” was his motto. In addition to the $1,500 he raised for heat-related emergencies, he raised community awareness about the needs of low-income and elderly in the community. This was the first Walk for Warmth.

Three years later, on February 15, 1986, Community Action expanded the Walk for Warmth into Barry, Branch, Calhoun, and St. Joseph Counties. That year the organization raised $16,700 and had 325 individuals walk in the events. Two year later in 1988, the Walk for Warmth had increased to 450 people attending the event while raising $18,000.

In 1990, ten more counties in the State of Michigan held Walk for Warmth events. Today, Walk for Warmth events can be found all across the country. We are so proud that Walk for Warmth can be traced back to our community.


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