Voting Information for Greater Albion Area

A drop box for ballots and bill payments is available at Albion City Hall.

According to Michigan law, a person can register to vote up to the day of the election. To request an absentee ballot electronically, a voter has up to 18 days prior to the election. A person can request an absentee ballot in person up to the day of the election. Remember to keep in mind how much work your local city clerk has to manage on the day of an election – plan ahead.

See how on the Secretary of State webpage here:,1607,7-127-1633_8716_8726_47669-175878–,00.html

Additional elections and voter information is available by clicking on the menu tabs on the left. For more information about elections or to check your registered voter status online, please visit the State of Michigan Voter website.


Absentee Voting is a two-step process ….
First, complete and file an application with your local city or township clerk.
Then, once the application is received the clerk will issue an absentee ballot.

You can do both steps AND vote your ballot all in one visit to your local clerk’s office. Prior to Monday, Nov. 2 the voter also has the option of taking their absentee ballot home to vote it; and then return it to their local clerk before 8 p.m. on Election Day.

In either case, the voter will SEAL their own ballot in to the green Official Ballot Return Envelope and SIGN the envelope in their own handwriting.

Only the voter, a family member or person residing in your household, a mail carrier, or election official is authorized to deliver your signed absent voter ballot envelope to your local city or township clerk’s office.

Once returned to your local city or township clerk, the signature on the envelope will be verified to the signature on file. The envelope will stay sealed until Election Day when ballots will be processed and tallied with all other absentee ballots. All votes from absentee ballots will be included in the Unofficial Election Night Results!

You may be wondering ‘Where do I take my ballot?’ You will need to return your absentee ballot envelope to the same local city or township clerk’s office that sent the ballot to you. Their address is printed on the return envelope. If this address is a Post Office Box, then refer to the Office address below.

As we draw close to Election Day, it is recommended that you return your absentee ballot envelope right away to your local city or township clerk’s drop box or office.

All drop boxes in Calhoun County are conveniently located at city and township offices; they are clearly labeled, securely locked, well-lit with good visibility, and regularly emptied by authorized staff. Many use video monitoring to keep the area secure.

Be certain you take your ballot to the correct Drop Box!

Click here to see a list of all drop box locations in Calhoun County.

This includes the location of drop boxes in Sheridan and Albion Townships.

An absentee ballot application is shown at right.  Click the image to see more information.

These are also available at the City Clerk’s office.


The poll location for electors in Precincts 2 & 3 is Tenant Hall/Methodist Church at 600 E. Michigan Ave.  See map on the links below for Calhoun County.  See image above

To request an absentee ballot, fill out this form and return it to the City Clerk for the City of Albion.

Click on the form image above to access an official copy. Or you can now apply online to receive an absentee ballot here:

Direct link to the City Clerk of Albion’s Contact and Election information:

See also the County and State information below


Including maps of the precincts, election dates, and more!

See the official page on the Calhoun County website by clicking here:

Or – See maps showing the various districts that govern Albion, on a county, state and national level:

Proposal 18-3 states that all eligible and registered voters in Michigan may now request an absent voter ballot without providing a reason.



This proposal passed with Michigan voters approving it by 67% on November 6, 2018.

A “yes” vote supported adding eight voting policies to the Michigan Constitution, including straight-ticket voting, automatic voter registration, same-day voter registration, and no-excuse absentee voting.



Other details of Michigan Proposal 18-3 are listed here:,_Voting_Policies_in_State_Constitution_Initiative_(2018)

Most of the information is shown in the sections above.  Some related photos are displayed below. Some voting news from earlier elections is below.

Candidate Clips, 2020

Jesse Whitfield, current President of the Albion Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) invited local candidates to create their own short videos

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Click the image to learn more about FLASH FRIDAY FORUM  Albion’s first Flash Friday Forum was held at the Victory Park Bandshell from 6 –

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Vote by Mail

This year Michigan voters may vote by absentee ballot without any reason required.  Every registered voter in Michigan will receive an application to vote absentee

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See section above for local information for Calhoun County elections

Including maps of the precincts, election dates, and more!

Some posts about local district maps are shown below.

Calhoun County new maps for 2023

Six of the seven Calhoun County Commissioner District boundary lines have changed. A new redistricting map was approved for Albion. The seat for Albion’s 6th Precinct is now open. The City is accepting candidates.

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City of Albion

This post shows the 2012 map of Albion precincts after redistricting then. The City of Albion is divided into 6 precincts. Residents of each precinct have their own City Councilperson representing them.

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Calhoun County Commissioner District 7

This page shows our county commissioner and the map of District 7 for the county governance: Learn about elections, voter registration, and absentee ballots

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US Congressional District 5

Michigan’s 5th Congressional District Michigan’s 5th congressional district is a United States congressional district in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. It includes all of Branch, Cass, Hillsdale, Jackson, Lenawee, Monroe (except the city of Milan), and St. Joseph counties, southern Berrien

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