Spring Forward – Aerial views – 1985 – 2016

Albion’s downtown has changed so much since 1985 when this aerial view hand tinted print was created.

We’ll list some of the changes here later, but now you can click on the image to see for yourself.  It’s is natural to grieve all that we have lost.  It’s important also.

And yet, what if there is more to come?  Possibly good things, even though we wish things were back the way they were.  What if we can even influence the good things that might happen?  Is that possible?

We’ll be exploring some possibilities here, and sharing big local news, a little art & photography, and information about that very small and yet very big distance between Albion and Marshall, Michigan. We’ll look for things we have in common, and ways we can learn about our neighbor city. Since hundreds of Albion students already attend Marshall schools, (and not all by choice!) we will get more information about them and post it here. There are four elections this year, and we’ll get some basic information about each one, and some information about where to vote, and what we are voting on. It’s not really our place to tell anyone HOW to vote, but that is pretty tempting also. Anyone who wants to comment about this page, or the General Guide, can now do so by clicking on the Facebook button in our menu bar. Go to the Albion Michigan Arts Facebook page, and any member can post comments, photos, or send a message. Any member can invite other members. We are inviting more of our Marshall friends to join the group.

Our goals in the near future are:

  • to share new and fun information about everything in the General Guide
  • the calendar links posted to official sources (DONE!- see the calendar button and all the fun Albion concerts and things in March and even more in April.  We’ll invite some Marshall people to our cultural events, and vice versa!)
  • a new site for Marshall (with information that Albion people might like to see)
  •  new aerial photos showing what things look like now downtown Albion (testing a new system!)
  • aerial photos of what things look like later this spring

Things will look even worse for a while, but then they will look better! Visit back often and please do visit and join the Albion Michigan Arts Facebook group. That information flows onto our Arts News page here on AlbionMich.net along with other local art news.

This art is on display at Albion Economic Development Corporation building in downtown Albion.  Thank you to them for letting us scan it and share it here, with permission from the artist Maggie LaNoue.  A related Aerial view of Albion print can be seen on MichiganPrints.com.