Old Friends Simon & Garfunkel Tribute

Sunday, September 10, 2017 at 6 PM – 7:30 PM

Nick Foresman and Jason Elsenheimer have been playing music together for over 26 years. Friends since the 7th grade, they began their musical careers by performing Simon & Garfunkel songs for family and friends at various social gatherings. Soon, they were getting requests to perform at all types of events such as art festivals, music festivals, churches, weddings and grand openings. Their love for music and performing led them to form a band and begin performing at local dances, parties, proms and graduations.

They continued to perform together throughout high school and college and eventually began playing the college circuit around the state of Michigan. Although their song list grew vast to over 300 plus songs and they learned and performed all types of music from classic rock to 80’s pop, country to bluegrass, they always held a deep down passion and love for the acoustic, folk sound of the group that got them into music in the first place…

Simon & Garfunkel

When Nick and Jason decided to put together a Simon & Garfunkel tribute show, it seemed so natural that they wondered why they hadn’t thought of it sooner.

So after a year of talk and nearly two years of rehearsing, refining the songs and working with some of most talented musicians available they were able to put together an amazing live show complete with a full 8 piece back up band; drums, bass, electric guitars, piano/keyboards and horn section. Nick was even able to locate and purchase the exact acoustic guitar model that Paul simon used in the 1981 concert.

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http://www.michigan.org/event/old-friends-simon-garfunkel-tribute – About show in New York
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