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Friday June 5th, 2020 - 8:36 am


Dramatic video shows a landslide sweeping several houses into the sea in Norway. ... See MoreSee Less

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Being an island now, the property value just tripled 😂

Jesse Gilbertson

To bad there aren't any protesters on that plot

Mike Kelley Chloe Minto savage ▶▶Sign up and get $50 instantly!!

Megan Calfee


Patricia Kellogg this is what I was talking about!

David Daniels

Tiffany Glass

Hey Trump I need to ask you a question did they have Big Macs for you in that bunker

Andrew Martin

end racism. Biden is a member of the founding fathers of the KKK the (democrats) he thinks blacks are predators. Vote Trump. end racism. black lives mater.


When was this?

Imuya Ueda Mino Ueda-Trinidad

Judy Ann Taneo

I blame Greta.

Now they’re their own island

Sean Rosenberg

Hannah Haas

Black logic: Oh yeah they deserve it because they are white. You are a bad person because you are white. You are defined by the color of your white skin

Oh! Were there people in that landslide which was sweeping?

That is devastating, I hope no one got hurt Also Today would have been Breonna Taylor’s 27th birthday , she was killed while sleeping in her bed when police broke into the wrong house and opened fire, her killers need to be charged

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Friday June 5th, 2020 - 8:32 am

Washington Post

Artist Walter Kitundu is one of hundreds of people participating in the inaugural "Black Birders Week" to highlight the racism black people face in the outdoors. ... See MoreSee Less

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Black while Birdwatching

Black people can’t even bird watch in this country. We suck so bad.

Aren’t there consequences to asinine or prank calls for police assistance?

That is sad. As I white birdwatcher I have had many people come up to ask me questions but never had that reaction. I have had angry old people yell at me during the Christmas Bird Count though as we spend a lot of time look at people's bird feeders. I feel bad that black people are not even allowed to enjoy being in nature without being labeled as suspicious.

Fellow whi’people: let’s start taking a beat before calling the police on our Black brothers and sister simply living their lives. Take a beat and think... WTF am I doing?

no white.problem is deepest.

Anne Phil

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Friday June 5th, 2020 - 8:27 am


All four officers are facing equal time in prison if convicted of the most severe charge against them.

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How about the 4 police officers who have been murdered by protesters? TIME April 28, 2015 “There is no excuse for that kind of violence,” Obama said during an unrelated press conference on the White House’s South Lawn with the Japanese Prime Minister. “It’s counterproductive.” “They’re not protesting. They’re not making a statement,” Obama said of the looters who ravaged businesses and started fires. “They’re stealing…they’re committing arson.” President Obama April 28, 2015 Comments regarding Baltimore riots after death of Freddie Gray.

Friday June 5th, 2020 - 8:27 am

BBC News

"We're a very large zoo and with that comes large costs." 🦒

The coronavirus crisis is putting the survival of one of the UK's biggest zoos at risk. Chester Zoo has been closed to visitors since 21 March.
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The mortality rate amongst healthy adults and children from covid is so low you take a bigger risk getting in your car. People who agreed with lockdown now shocked that the economy is collapsing


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Release the animals back to the wild. There’s over 12 million wild penguins in the Southern Hemisphere so it’s not for conservation and I haven’t heard of many penguin poachers so why are we keeping them captive? What law did they break

Animals in cages should not be kept for education or entertainment anymore. Let it close and let’s focus our energies elsewhere.

Free the animals Good zoos are hugely significant forces in conservation efforts. It doesn't excuse the existence of zoos that do exploit animals, and exist purely for "entertainment" and profit, Close 'em all down.African lions don't belong in Canadian zoos.Canadian polar bears don't belong in Florida zoos. The entire concept of taking an animal from it's natural habitat and moving it to a climate where it was never meant to survive is stupid. Many animals like penguins, elephants, antelope, live adventurous and heroic lives. They have vast territories and complex migration routes which would no human, even with equipment, could manage. The bar headed goose is a peerless athlete and wonder of the natural world, it flies to the height of the summit of Everest, nearly into space! In our multi-ethnic, cultural world, our fellow species should matter equally. They have inherent rights to live in the natural world and not some highly restrictive faux environment of a zoo for mostly our entertainment .Just leave the bloody animals alone

Totally ridiculous that they can't open. Get it sorted Boris!

I'm sure social distancing at a zoo is safer than visiting ikea

Doubt any human want to be kept in an enclosure, have endless streams of others Gawping and pointing at You 7 days a week !!. Chester Zoo, along with countless others is a Charitable organisation,it therefore doesn’t pay Commercial Rates and is VAT exempt !!.

nooooo!!!!! Rosie Penfold x

If I win Lottery it won't be closed 😀

Waiting for an announcement of vaccine from Oxford university researchers team.

Get this zoo open!

Tragic if this zoo had to close. They do amazing animal conservation work😡

Save the zoo. It means so much to a whole lot of people. Helps them get near to nature

How about getting rid of zoos completely...

Hope any millionaires would help in these zoos!

Come on government get these zoos open ASAP not just people matter animals do too boris Johnson why can't we do. This ASAP

If these animals put back in the wild they wouldn't survive cos development in most parts of the forest

I will sincerely hope and pray you find a way to keep the zoo going and the animals healthy 💫

The zoo's of today are not like years ago these keepers care for the animals without the thousands of people who go to the zoo with the children also school visits so don't let the zoo close the government has helped others due to virus so surely they will help them ❤️❤️

Twycross Zoo is the same such a shame that the conservation of the animals are at risk 😔

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Friday June 5th, 2020 - 8:15 am


Timothy Aveni, a 22-year-old Facebook software engineer, quit after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg refused to take action on President Trump's posts.

“If Mark keeps moving that goalpost... for when someone has crossed the line, especially someone as powerful as the president of the United States, we’re in danger.”
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Be careful who you want censored.. could be you one day 😉😉😉

As little censorship as possible, please. I don't need for feed dumbed down for the sake of others.

Tim is right. The first amendment does not give you unlimited freedom of speech. It always important to keep the process of check and balance in place. There will always be those (freeloaders) who will seek cracks in the walls in order to introduce their poison. Social media can be a great tool to reveal or hide the truth!!!!! It's you to decide.....

He has to take that position he takes money from troll farms.

and now you have no job. Unemployment only last so long.

Terrible news today. Unemployment numbers are heading down again! CNN is sending field reporters out to cover the next plague that should happen right around Monday. They justHaven’t figured out what it should be

Good for him .. Zuckerberg has no real values , I hope he can explain this to his children one day .

Pro tip. If you have a leftist agenda, CNN will want to interview you.

Zuckface instigating what ever he con it sells, makes him $ and he's not interested in anything outher then that no matter what the body count is he has allowed this even promoting discord, sad things many people have died and been killed because of it that basdards got blood on his hands and the people who work for the man share the bloody outcomes

I don’t think Mark Zuckerberg cares if you quit, you can be easily be replaced homeboy!

Just another privileged selfish white guy without a backbone.

This democrate and republican thing of yours fighting at the cost of peoples lives in the world will destroy everything. It is amaizing how this country goes extreem in the politic to play games with the devil. May God have marcy on us

I remember when I used to think so highly of Cnn. How ignorant I was

Forget if Facebook is doing anything against president Trump posting something on Fb..cause anyway Facebook doesn't do anything when you report something to them. So big deal. I have reported so many instances of harassment, racial content , crime and so on and so on..and Facebook has always come back saying they didn't find anything against community standards.... And yeah you have so many fake big deal !! Do you even uphold your ethics ??? I doubt !

Cnn why not cover hillary Clinton's email trial that is going on right now she has been ordered to testify in.

End the benign neglect. Hold CNNs Jeff Toobin accountable for being an apologist for Daniel Patrick Moynihan

There are a lot of trolls on here. A lot of people that claim they don’t watch CNN. This should be interesting.

Mark is a good man it's just that some people will use facebook to fill their pockets...... I know mark he use to visit me here @ the village with the Jehovahs Witnessed 😀.

Really why doesn't he stand up to all the fake news channels like CNN

Still young and ignorant,does not realize how big is the magnitude of the situation

Is this a man or a woman?🤷🏻‍♀️

People lake zuckerberg the only principles they follow is money and power He’s getting that from trump

Translation: “look at me I’m a democrat, I rather support joe biden and my boss all of sudden is liking Donald trump...guess what...I’m quitting just because my boss supports his rights” Am I right?!?! Since you Dems love bashing trump so badly

Who the hell cares. Better story would be: Facebook is hiring!


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Friday June 5th, 2020 - 8:15 am


Elmo, Abby Cadabby, and Cookie Monster are helping kids stand up to racism. Join Sesame Street and CNN for Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism, a town hall for kids and families, Saturday morning at 10 a.m. ET

Parents, submit your questions at
... See MoreSee Less

Elmo, Abby Cadabby, and Cookie Monster are helping kids stand up to racism. Join Sesame Street and CNN for Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism, a town hall for kids and families, Saturday morning at 10 a.m. ET

Parents, submit your questions at

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A revolution for all symbol. Nice🇵🇷

The puppet masters are at work in America. Destroying, antagonizing, manipulating and deceiving our most vulnerable. Segregation by zip codes is what these codependency organizations have been pulling of for years. Instead of the codependent being in their cross hairs as they should, the narrative is flipped. Hollywood, media, millionaires, billionaires and academia. I willing to pay with for bail and court fees. As long as the protesters do what to innocent people and our country? Segregation by zip code! No choice! Never get out! Self sustained non for profit prisons. LOOK AROUND YOU SUBERBANITS! How many colored people live, work and attend your schools? Ask why?

They should have teletubbies on next

More propaganda

Coming together is BS!! More like how to tear everyone apart.

Poxa, nenhum negro 😢

The masks are off. We now can confirm what we’ve all known all along about CNN’s presenters and ‘journalist’. They’re all Muppets!!! 😬🤣😂🤣


Propaganda puppets Stalin would be proud

Good Also Today would have been Breonna Taylor’s 27th birthday , she was killed while sleeping in her bed when police broke into the wrong house and opened fire, her killers need to be charged

Together,we gonna end racism across the world... nobody is more valuable than the other

Thank you for this. The older weirdos don’t get why this is necessary but hopefully we can take the weird out the next generation.

I don't get Why are people laughing at or against this

Nicci Boulafentis Stephanie Hernandez

Sesame Street for everyone ❤

Talking about racism..n forget the true americans..the natives....strange

Gotta Love Cookie Monster 😀🥳

The puppet masters are at work in America. Destroying, antagonizing, manipulating and deceiving our most vulnerable. Segregation by zip codes is what these codependency organizations have been pulling of for years. Instead of the codependent being in their cross hairs as they should, the narrative is flipped. Hollywood, media, millionaires, billionaires and academia. I willing to pay with for bail and court fees. As long as the protesters do what to innocent people and our country? Segregation by zip code! No choice! Never get out! Self sustained non for profit prisons. LOOK AROUND YOU SUBERBANITS! How many colored people live, work and attend your schools? Ask why?

Sara Poquette

Denielle Raber

Jacques Muftikian


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Friday June 5th, 2020 - 8:14 am


The Macon-Bibb County commissioner has since apologized for the controversial remark.

... See MoreSee Less

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Don't put your hands in your pocket! Don't put your hoodie on! Don't be outside with no shirt on! Don't drive with a muscle shirt or du-rag on. Check in constantly! Don't put your hands on anything you're not buying! Don't be driving with muscle shirt on! When pulled over always stay in public View! When pulled over ask before you make any move! When you get pulled over keep your hands where they can see them at all times! Don't leave the store without a receipt! Don't be out late! Never leave home without your ID! Don't ride with the music too loud! Don't stay parked in one area for more than 5 minutes! Never stare at a Caucasian woman! If a cop ask you random questions don't talk back compromise! Read body language of cop if he becomes aggressive never look him directly in the eyes! This is what we teach our children so they aren't murdered! This is what a black American man said.

SPOKANE - Grant County has been officially designated as a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) by the White House’s Office of National Drug Policy, a designation that will bring more federal resources to the area to combat the drug-trafficking problem.

Friday June 5th, 2020 - 8:12 am


A Texas State University student was critically injured by Austin police during a George Floyd demonstration. ... See MoreSee Less

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The coronavirus is clean up the country by next month, be prepared.

Vlad, getting his money's worth

Every new day New violence Please we should get up and stop this

Tin soldiers and Trump is coming

A warning needs to be announced that you may be that one innocent protester but the person next to you might be the one that takes that one step further and breaks the law. “The warning needs to state if you are out protesting you are part of a movement and out there at your own risk we cannot control pepper spray or rubber bullets one because the 6 foot rule went out the window and two for an officer it’s unavoidable. It’s very unfortunate for this to happen and my prayers go out to all 🙏but remember the officers are also afraid of losing their lives 😌 #MoreSaferProtests#

This is the time to set us free from this shitz


Sooooo terrible to hear tht

America did not have mercy on its people. Not to mention the rest of the countries under their control

Comes from the white house. Anything to use on the public to get them to be quite. Your life doesn't matter as long as it's not my kids. We need healing of the past, of the mine, of the heart, and right now healing.

Maybe he should have dispersed when he was told and it wouldn’t have happened

Well isn't it just wonderful the police said he wasn't the intended target???!!👏👏👏👍 seriously!!!!????

The police are the problem. Wake up. The police need to stop being violent and stop executing people on the streets. The police keep creating the problem.

A new day is dawning and the use of excessive force by police is being revealed. Police are learning that they can no longer “justify” their actions by a claim of “resisting arrest”!



Walter Davis

President Eisenhower warned against the industrial military complex! This is it!

I want justice for George Floyd

Congratulations to everyone who benefited from the platform i shared yesterday.I still want more people to benefit. Ask me how And I will show you how to make $5500 everyday on daily basis ASK ME HOW



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Friday June 5th, 2020 - 8:00 am

Washington Post

Historians scorn Trump's statement. ... See MoreSee Less

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#BunkerBoy is CRAZY and HIGH AF ... nothing he says matters anymore and he knows it... he is more dangerous than ever, but he is going DOWN

The impotentate. Succeeds only at failure cowardice mendacity corruption and incompetence

Hilarious, from refusing black tenants into his buildings, calling for the execution of the exonerated central park five and finally questioning the origins and citizenship of the first black president that sums up his contributions to black people.

Right, because MAGA loves black people. Straight out of Gone With The Wind.

Total self delusion with zero merit.

Obama got it 98% to where it was with African Americans employment/business ownership and Trump moved it 2% and claimed it a home run. He is a lying, disingenuous, sock puppet.

No need to attend piecemeal Trump's Trump' ludicrous statements. All that is necessary is to attend to his psychiatric diagnosis. Then it will be obvious Trump does what would be expected of it.

Beyond absurd. He really is completely insane.

He says this with a straight face. But his supporters don’t care. The bigger the lie, the more they believe it.

He represents the few Rich people in the US. Plutocracy overthrowing democracy gradually.

Get this Genius out of the house ! Has made many claims and all Lies before the American people 😡

I am a conservative, he needs to go. He has no respect for this country or its people.

if this guy would CLAIM to be the tooth fairy if he thought it would get him what he wants, in this case to be elected to a second term. ya know ‘’’ his supporters would actually believe it too. smh

It should have read “After historians stopped laughing hysterically at the preposterous notion of Trump being second to Lincoln...” The one areas where he is first - surpassing Harding - is in the amount of corruption. He’s #1 there.

Well, he has done a lot - not much GOOD. It's like what Ollivander said about Voldemort - he did great things - TERRIBLE things, but great.

I thought this was an Onion article for a minute 🧐

He has done absolutely nothing for ANY American!

In fairness to Trump: folks sure do seem to have taken notice of how badly black people get screwed over in this country since Trump took office.

I think i speak on behalf of most of the World.........So many guns in America........and how is he still here???

In case you haven't figured it out, Trump likes to say the most outrageous things he can think of to get attention.

It’s true that he has done more to promote bigotry and hatred than Lincoln.

The issue is being deviated towards racism while it should be more focused on primarily authoritarianism and police force brutality against all people under the yoke, all races. 😡

After 18,000+ lies, I can't imagine anyone still believing anything he says. That goes for his administration.

He is referring to Amarosa who was fired from his staff who he met on the Apprentice Reality Show & Kanye West!!

NOTHING that comes out of his mouth is TRUE period!

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Friday June 5th, 2020 - 8:00 am


"A lot of [protesters] are just violent looters, and lawless criminals at this point because they are engaging in violence," Massie said.

... See MoreSee Less

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"Why label the whole bunch because of a few bad apples?"

This guy would look great on a "Don't do meth" PSA poster.

This guy is an extremist who talks like this all the time. It’s another dangerous Kentucky politician.

Massie's exchange with John Kerry on climate change shows he may one of the biggest idiots in Congress.

The most hated man in Congress.

Obama said pretty much the same thing when the Baltimore protests turned bad. Js. Ppl got short and selective memories.

define 'a lot'

Oh, him.

I am not sure how stupid keeps getting elected to political offices but a better job at vetting politcians is necessary.


Carrying on the tradition: President Lyndon B. Johnson once said, "If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you."


The vast majority of protesters have been peacefully.. who is this idiot?

He looks like a fat Jared Fogel. He's probably a child molester too.

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Friday June 5th, 2020 - 8:00 am

Fox News

Protesters in New York made way for a passing emergency vehicle, applauding as it made its way through the crowd. ... See MoreSee Less

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Good for those protesters, don't forget in the back of an ambulance it could be one of your relatives who didn't get through..

Now if only people would have the same respect for other public servants like the police.

So, what ? Do you think we are supposed to thank the so called protesters because of the one time they obeyed the law G T F O H

And this is worthy of praise because??? Because the ambulance lost precious seconds for all of them to agree to move out of the way????

This is what they are supposed to do. Shouldn’t be in the streets anyway

Appears to be a peaceful demonstration go ahead and pick it apart that's how we got where we are thoughtless words and deeds some people can't understand equality and being kind to one another

Some of these people at night hurt the first responders this world has turned upside down.

Must applaud them that’s the first decent thing I seen protesters do thank you so much I’m sure whoever needed that ambulance or firetruck is very thankful

Looks like all jobs need to be reopened. Get people back to work. Coronavirus doesn't seem to be relevant anymore.

I think New York can skip the Phasing and go ahead and open up , which they have done according to this picture.

The 1st responders still had to go a lot slower than they would have without people in the streets.

And why is this on the news such a big deal. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS DO THIS AND LAST TIME CHECK THE ROAD IS TO DRIVE ON

They made way. Should we give them a trophy for doing what normal people do as a matter of course?

Wow!! Wasn’t that nice of them to take a break from looting and arson to let an emergency vehicle pass! Perhaps we should give them all Medals to reward them for being such great citizens! And yes, this is sarcasm!!

Those poor hospitals are going to be so busy with corona again

Open up our states and get back to work! Stop the nonsense, enough is enough , it’s beyond time to heal! Stop with all the hate! Divided we will fall and 💥💥there goes our freedoms! Wake up America, they want us controlled not living!

Meanwhile “protesters” are beating people, creating the need for first responders.

Seems like the aggressive looters and pyromaniacs are dying down. That's good. Hopefully we can get it to just be nothing but peaceful protests.

ok so they got out of the way, they also added several minutes to the time it took those responders to get to an emergency which is the difference between life and death. Here's your sign

WOW ! That's amazing ! They actually obeyed the law. And here I always thought any Emergency Vehicle had the right of way.

Unfortunately the ambulance and their patient is still losing precious time.

These are the daytime protestors. If this had been at midnight ... probably a different crowd and a different outcome.

Oh wow so gracious of them, look at how slow they have to drive. How did the call turn out???. Hopefully no one died because the responders were held up like this.

That’s cute and all but look how it’s slowing that emergency vehicle down.. Person waiting for them don’t have the precious time to waste during an emergency. So yeah. This doesn’t really make me happy. 🤷🏻‍♀️

If they weren't standing in middle of street there would be no reason for this non-story, right??

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Friday June 5th, 2020 - 7:30 am

Washington Post

There are signs that protesters have had an impact, though it's still early and tackling long-standing issues like racism and police misconduct is not something that changes overnight. ... See MoreSee Less

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Please do this! Let leftist cities be the testing sites for it. Trump 2020


Those who have nothing survive by doing things that the affluent consider crimes. America’s police forces are established to “protect and defend“ the latter with the brutality and lethal force of savages.

Defunding the police is idiotic, instead seriously fund their education on racial issues, unconscious bias, criminology, think and careful what you wish for

Cut into their storm trooper budget for starters. They need to be reminded that they are there to help people, to protect people, not to be the thugs they claim others are.

Put the Police who violates law to court. Defunding is stupid.

Lol people against defunding haven't read about the concept in it's entirety. It's some really ignorant comments on here.

The Police do indeed get in the way and inappropriately hinder a good Riot.

Defund the police dept. then fund blm as community police🤔

I don’t think defunding the police should be a knee-jerk reaction to police brutality. As someone who lived in NYC in the 1970’s I am sure no one, no matter what color their skin, would want to live in such an uncivil society. Balancing the budget means balancing the many needs of communities and should be done in a much more thoughtful way. One thing that doesn’t need any more thought is the need to enact severe penalties for police misconduct.

150 million cutting from LA Police

A small percentage would fix the homeless situation.

This shows how stupid people really are!Defund the police get rid of the police really all can say is it would be very interesting lol

Hope it’s the democrat platform: guaranteed Trump win

I respect the intent, but defund police and the first thing thats cut is sensitivity training.

Defund the police. There is not enough now to deal with the situation.

What is defunding the police going to do? Don’t they know there are quite a number of minorities serving. How is this a viable solution?

Who you gonna call then? Ghostbusters? 😆 When did the Washington Post become a satire site?

And where's your proof?

Kind of like the movie Escape From New York.

"Defund the Police" 🤣 That's rich!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

I do think that the militarization of the police was a mistake and it attracted too many of the wrong people to policing. If forces have to be reorganized or recreated in order to make them part of a community, then so be it.

Aww c'mon that's how we make America great! We turn it into a police state just like North Korea!

‘Defunding’ something is seen as a quick fix, when in fact what is required is reform and continual monitoring. If that is what is meant when people talk about ‘defunding’ then they asking for misunderstanding.

There are signs it might have an impact..?? Burning down or destroying family businesses that people worked so hard for.Why not interview them...Let me say that again.. WORKED. Only worse.....Wapo.😂😂

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Friday June 5th, 2020 - 6:43 am

BBC News

Hundreds of people attended secret all-night raves in London in May, despite social distancing rules and lockdown restrictions. But organisers said the events were "actually people exercising to house music".
... See MoreSee Less

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If millions are protesting on the streets already.... The ship of quarantine has sailed... might as well enjoy yourself

If people knowingly break rules and get infected why should they be given priority when an older person who hasn't might have to die

Those that are found to have organised these races should face criminal proceedings for endangering other......😡

I’m so happy to be moving out of this dump (London) where everyone is so entitled.

It would be good to refuse them treatment..

I hear Dominic Cummings does a great DJ set.

Pathetic creatures....and when they became ill would want the NHS to help them. Complete wasters....

Absolutely disgraceful and utterly selfish behaviour. They should all be locked up or, frankly, made to volunteer to help those who are ill in Covid wards. They'd soon realise the enormity and dangers of this pandemic and the tisks that NHS staff have to contend with on a daily basis!!

And they wonder that they can't stop the Virus killing their families and Friends!

I hope the people attending ( if this is true) realise that if we do get a big second wave it could be their jobs at stake or the jobs and even lives of other workmates or family members. It’s really cutting off your nose to spite your face behaviour very irresponsible so just hope there’s nobody over the age of 18 there.

As someone who runs dance related events but has been 'out of work' for 3 months due to this virus, this sickens me! They should be arrested. So many of us in the entertainment industry are struggling to ensure our businesses will be able to open again safely 'at some point', and these people just do their own thing without a care. Sorry but they should be prosecuted and made to pay for their actions.

Will this be on the headlines later? And why were no arrests made? Surely the company can be dealt with by the authorities? Hypocrites raising money for the NHS, then hosting secret raves. Also the people attending, how many of them clapped for the NHS and or are now pushing out the BLM message. Absolute fools.

Organisers and people who went should be ashamed of themselves. Putting lives of their families at risk for a bloody rave. They should grow up.

Unfortunately , Darwinism will not be active here, as the majority of these morons will now become the secret spreaders. They will be asymptomatic, they are young and relatively healthy (I know they can still die from C19) , but their chances of carrying this deadly virus and spreading it to the general population is so high now . Why were there no arrests ?

SO its not ok to to have fun and dance but it is ok to gather in mass crowds to protest BLM???

No doubt they will blame the government when the infection rate increases.

Time this started to be taken seriously in respect for all those who have suffered or will suffer.

Actions like this is why the infection numbers have been slow to decrease. Come on people, we’re all keen to get back to “normality”, just hold off partying for a few more weeks so we can all have fun - not just the selfish self-entitled few.

And this is why there are still so many people dying. Why are the police not prosecuting this company?

I heard that there was one in Durham and shortly afterwards another one in Barnard Castle.

So now are they all going to be sacked from their jobs too? If Cummings has to leave his job so should they.

And they wonder why death figures have been high.

What with this & the protests we need to start preparing for the second peak & lockdown.

4000 attended a protest yesterday in Birmingham.mostly trouble no arrests were made,so although we are still in lockdown,the government are letting them do this.and over the weekend another protest is going ahead with probably twice the amount yesterday......WHY is the allowed to happen when most of us have given up seeing our families and friends for nearly 3 months.we could have our children grandchildren and friends around in our homes.because I certainly know they have followed the rules and are safe.but letting thousands out protesting to make a point is well and truly out of order.after all they are protesting about someone from another country not here.and yes I agree what happened to the man is an absolute disgrace .but my god this is so wrong what's happening in this country.2nd🌊here before this month is out for NHS doctors resigned yesterday because of this.more will follow him because they worked flat out and it's like they have all been stabbed in the this government 🤬🤬🤬

Lets see what the figures are like iver the next two weeks to a month not just deaths but infected people. The aim of lockdown was to flatten the curve so the nhs would not collapse. Its a shame that more doctors and nurses are not appearing on televisión to report 9n intensive care ...

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