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Monday August 20th, 2018 - 1:30 pm

Washington Post

At every turn we know of, Trump has resisted cooperating with the Mueller investigation. ... See MoreSee Less


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Oh, I think it's actually VERY "Trump-like": foolish, clueless and stupid enough to simply believe everyone will lie for him because he's Trump.

it's more lying from the fake president he didn't even know that the White House console was talking to the special prosecutor until yesterday remember this is a guy that always takes credit for other people's hard work and achievements or anything he thinks makes him look good even if he was nowhere near the situation at hand have a nice day like this one the fake president has actually thought he has successfully conned every single American

Don McGhan works for the people, not for Trump. He is NOT Trump's lawyer -- Trump has multiple incompetents to fill the role of personal attorney. McGhan is the Counsel to the President -- not the same as a personal lawyer. Just more of Trump's incessant lying.

He couldn't stop McGahn from talking. Attorney-client privilege doesn't exist here.

The Mueller Vise is tightening...... How Sweet it is.

Another talking point for his base. The man is on the public payroll not Trump's private payroll he does not need "permission".

The equivalent of someone bumping into a glass door and then saying "I meant to do that!"

McGahn doesn't need his permission. Moron.

He let him? Hahaha Hahahaha Hahahaha

only because (and this is good news for us) #45 doesn't have a clue what's going on under his nose....

Cause it's an illegal investigation...trump is toying with him...gave him deadline of September 1st...then he's revoking clearance

The 4000th + lie.

Is Trump's mouth open? Yes? Then he's either lying or stuffing some crap fast food into it. That's it. See how easy that was to tell what's going on?

"I'M STILL IN CONTROL EVERYONE!" yells the epileptic bus driver as we plunge directly into hell

If he says it, it must be true, right?LMAO.Has the traitor ever told the truth about anything?

I believe Trump is trying what is known as a "retcon".

One more lie heaped upon the thousands told.

Trump, the distrustful one, is driving the bus!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣😋

Hearing footsteps ol traitor in chief ?

For his own Establishment Trump seems to be sort of RUSSIAN bull !

He has "nothing to hide"... Yeah, riiight.

He had no choice.


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Monday August 20th, 2018 - 1:24 pm


First lady Melania Trump spoke on cyberbullying just days after President Donald Trump called his former aide Omarosa Manigault Newman a "dog" on Twitter. ... See MoreSee Less


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Lmao dummy you live with the biggest bully on earth....

Did anyone catch it??? Social media is an "inventable" when the word she was READING was inevitable!!! Cant even stand to hear her talk. Get a real life so called first lady and stop acting you are no good at it.

Omorosa started the cyber war with her lies!

There's no one kind enough or bold and truthful enough in her environnment to tell her that she needs a different project? That maybe since her husband bullies people on a daily basis that maybe she won't be able to influence anyone. I feel they just try to come up with a project to keep her busy.

Omarosa started this episode. She broke the law and is using her ill-gotten wares for publicity. Omarosa should go to jail.

Melania, just tell him in person. You don't need the media.

MT is rarely in the public eye and it's obvious she doesn't like attention. I wonder if DT encouraged her to do Something to improve realtions to the public.

I personally think that a dog is too good for omarosa. I love my dogs.

"Be Best" "Be the Best Hypocrite" Yeah...shopped at Zara lately ?

She is reading what someone else wrote,just like he does. Stop it...just stop it!

Yall know she is locked up somewhere and she doesn't watch the news and she's only allowed out on special occasions and she is told what to say

Who even listens to her she has no say so in anything especially in her marriage just a dog on a chain

She has no credibility.

The waste of time,energy and position is just wrong. She is not an influence on anyone. She is a hypocrite.

The irony is strong with this one

Please, don't be hypocritical, the lady who said, "When he is hit, he hits back 10 times harder"

Options: She is completely without comprehension and is in need of neurological testing to find out why. It is a secret cry for help. She is a true Ice Queen Evil One.

She’s an individual. She is not her husband and cannot be blamed for his actions. No one is responsible for another persons actions or words, sorry:

Maybe, just Maybe, Melania Trump, you need to address your Husband on this issue... Your voice would be so much more Powerful if you did....Just saying....

My god, this person was called a dog. What a trajedy! I've been called a lot worse than that in my life and guess what? You might find this hard to believe but I survived! Don't you think it's time to worry about the important things? There are way to many snowflakes out there that love to make a big deal out of something so trivial! Instead of whining about everything lead by example.

Melania fails to see the irony as usual.

The first lady needs to get her pet orange in check before she preaches good intentions for other people's emotional well-being. If she can't do that, she should at least drop the pretense.

Maybe we need to follow her lead and just ignore what her husband says and tweets. All about the ratings!!!!

Maybe think of a new issue....her staff must be as lame as Mel. Just go back into hiding. That would "be best" for Mel.

It must be an agony for this person to be associated with that bully! Does he treat her and her child to his childish outbursts? How can she model appropriate behavior?

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Monday August 20th, 2018 - 1:00 pm


In a rare TV interview, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey discusses "toxic" behavior on the platform and his efforts to improve the "health" of conversations. He says he realizes "more and more people have fear of companies like ours." ... See MoreSee Less


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stop endorsing censorship, CNN.

The fact that 45 and his followers are allowed to spew treasonous crap is enough for me to never use twitter.

T45 Twitter account should be Shut Down NOW. All he does is promote Divisions which incite Violence.

I hope the company follows through on investigating beyond surface level tweets and finding the deeper problem behind hateful messages. The company definitely has a responsibility and should be held partially accountable.

Dorsey came across as a wishy-washy idiot in that interview. "We don't want to do nothing about it, temporary suspension..blah blah blah" What a joke and he is making millions if not billions without doing nothing. No accountability, no responsibility Typical behavior of everybody in the Corporate world in our society ...They are all spineless... So sad that a young person could be so insignificant. Let's remember the '60s generation (your parent's generation Dorsey!!!) and get refreshed just for a brief passing moment...

They should get rid of all social media outlets and go back to the 1990s way of communicating with people through emails there get rid of all that toxic Behavior and they could just type in the website for the news just read it without making comments so they can keep their opinions to themselves

Boy, does this guy know how to dodge the tough questions. In most cases his avoidance was visibly clumsy.

I all for free speech unless people are spilling out proven lies as truths. Proven lies are for formats where all persons of normal intelligence are aware it is comedy. Like the onion.

I dont care if you are on the left or the right—If you feel comfortable with the idea of Silicon Valley deciding what you can and can’t watch, then for the love of god, please stop voting.

Now simple minded, minimally literated folks "govern" or "communicate" with that "telegraphic" platform.

The most powerful man in America , kick trump off twitter , end of

Twitter is done in Facebook is done

*cue the fake news and “MAGA!!!” comments*

Trump called twitter a small bussiness. So funny 😄

Stelter is not the person to conduct interviews on "toxic" social media behavior.

Open public sharing platform in the internet - pretend to control public sharing. They are harming free speech and freedom overall, the internet does not need Facebook or Twitter is time for options this guys got too big and now want and believes they have the right to control. Options

In real talk he’s talking about censorship. History teaches us this kind of thinking never ends well.

Don't forget that he said that twitter leans left.

It's not fear of companies such as twitter. It's sheer exhaustion from both sides' lack of civility and maturity on certain subject matter.

donald trump is confusing Dean the RAt with Dean Martin from the Rat pack..

Twitter is complicit

Twitter likes to censure people but not #45 and his trolls.They took Obama blackberry,then shut down his twitter account

Is someone forcing people to look at what they don't want to see?

It's not Twitter's fault. Many people ARE toxic, and they will be that way on any platform available to them.

Conspiracy theories and defamation are 100% toxic, and must be banned at all cost, starting with Alex Jones.

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Monday August 20th, 2018 - 1:00 pm

Washington Post

Sometimes such bans can hurt a restaurant's business. Sometimes they can improve it. ... See MoreSee Less


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Father of three boys here. On the extremely rare occasion when my wife and I actually get a night on the town and get to go to an expensive dinner, the LAST thing we want to deal with is loud kids and spaced-out parents staring at cell phones. I have no issue with restaurants having policies like this.

We just experienced non-parented kids when we were out the other day at a Longhorn Steakhouse. The 4 yr.old boy was allowed by the "parents" to have his run of an empty corner booth. Every 3 seconds we would hear, "James, come back to the table, James, come sit by Mom, etc... This went on for 15 minutes, while I watched James run all over the circular booth, attempt to hang off the stirrup of a large saddle (which I feared was going to dislodge from the ceiling and fall on him). We finished our meal and left. I wanted to smack the parents upside the head. My husband and I joked that if we were playing a drinking game, taking a shot every time we heard this kid's name.. We would have been smashed. If your child cannot sit still in a chair to wait for and eat a meal, then bring them to McDonald's.

Our children behaved in restaurants and elsewhere. We were those late stage boomers who expected children to act appropriately. Back in the day parents set the expectations

Kid free restaurants sound great!

Dogs welcome. Children must be leashed.

I think there are some appropriate restaurants for kids and I love watching them eat new things and learn about food. Kids being loud in, and having fun in family restaurants is part of the fun. I’ve also asked to be moved from kids in very fancy tasting menu type restaurants. My husband was horrified, but before their third of 20 some courses had arrived they were under the table. I don’t regret the decision as by around course 8 they were tantruming under a table in the best restaurant in Asia. The best solution I’ve ever seen was at a charming spot in Scotland where they had a full on crèche with teeny chairs and books and toys. That was brilliant.

I was walking into a restaurant when a disgruntled woman who had obviously had a miserable dinner putting up with misbehaving children said, “The only way children should be allowed in a restaurant is if they are on the menu.” 😂🤣😂

I have no problem with that policy. Unruly kids can affect the dining experience of other customers. There will always be plenty of places to go with kids so it is fine if a few restaurants want to be completely adult establishments.

I owned a restaurant. Having a kids eat free night just means the parents will eat off the kids plate and let the kids throw everything on the floor. Not to mention the screaming and crying. So not worth it. 😀

This is my dream restaurant. Today we were out of lunch and in the booth next to us were two kids (twins) who were so bad..jumping in the booth and yelling, we asked to be moved. All I ever had to do is give my kids "the look" and they stopped misbehaving. Both dined at some of the finest restaurants in Pgh.

"Take your tiny, loud, humans to Chuck E. Cheese, please. LOL

14 seems to be a reasonable age limit for finer restaurants.

Discipline your kids and you wouldn't have this. We could take our kids anywhere and you wouldn't know they were there. IF one started getting out of hand, a rare occasion, it was a quick trip to the bathroom. For those who claim it is abuse, abuse is NOT training your child how to act properly. Abuse is not teaching your child there are boundaries, and a respectful way to act and address people.

As a parent I can tell you in under a minute if a restaurant is kid friendly by looking at the menu. Does it have a kids section or inexpensive food that kids like? No? Not a kids restaurant than.

If you can't keep your kids quiet, polite and well behaved don't take them in public where people want and PAY for a decent meal...Bad parenting is not acceptable...and if restaurants start putting an age limit on their customers I'd go there all the time....Take them to Chucky Cheese if you must take them out, and if you want to go out; GET A BABY SITTER...OR EARN ENOUGH MONEY TO AFFORD IT.

Where is this restaurant which bans kids under 14? I will line up to be a customer there!

My parents went out to fancy dinners without us all the time back in the day.

Don't know about banning kids all together, but I would certainly frequent a restaurant that is happy to toss out parents with misbehaving kids. Not about to have my meal, movie, whatever disrupted by some brat unless I played an active role in their creation.

It is a tough call. Not too long ago, a restaurant near me opened with a no child policy. They closed within a few months. Last night, we had dinner close to a family with three kids. They were better behaved than the father. As our server was taking our order, the dope asked him to take a dish away from him. He couldn't wait? The server needed free hands to hold his pad and write our order. Instead, he had to apologize to us and return the dish to the kitchen. IMO, kids wouldn't misbehave if the parents taught them better. Many times, it appears that the parents don't know any better. I believe that there are few behavioral problems in the upscale restaurants. They are mostly in the local pancake house or similar where the noise can be ear splitting. So, for the most part, I do not believe in a no children policy.

It's a business decision. they are willing to take the risk. good on them.

Come on parents, control your kids and this won’t need to happen. I know babies scream sometimes and little kids get excited - I can deal. But your kids shouldn’t be running around getting in the servers’ ways or bothering other customers.

We were at an casual pizza and while mom was on her phone, the kids were crawling (4 and 6) on the floor, eating other people’s leftovers.🤮

Sounds good to me!

I agree!

That ban would be a great stroke of luck if kids eat home cook meal.

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Monday August 20th, 2018 - 12:27 pm

Washington Post

Hold on tight, writes Paul Waldman in Opinions.

It's going to be a bumpy ride.
... See MoreSee Less


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Can the cheeseburgers, fried chicken, lack of exercise and stress just do its job already? Put him and the rest of us out of our misery.

TRUMP isn't worried despite easy to make up unverified stories about him accompanied by easy to capture photos taken mid expression. It's all a steady relentless ruse on the part of the desperately scrambling LEFT and their propaganda partisan media machine. Must be horrible to be so defeated. And it's only going to get worse during his second term.'s fun to watch them rant.

"Even if much of what Cohen is accused of doesn’t have to do directly with his former boss, it would contribute to the growing impression that Trump is a corrupt man who surrounds himself with other corrupt men." The "impression"? Please. Anyone paying serious attention knows he is corrupt.

Indeed. Wounded or cornered animals are always at their most dangerous when threatened.

Right now Congress is all but nonexistent as a force in our political life; having passed a tax cut for corporations and the wealthy, Republicans have given up on any serious legislating, and certainly aren’t exercising anything resembling oversight of the administration. But if Democrats have control, they’ll begin holding hearings and mounting investigations of all the Trump scandals. Russia will be just the beginning; they’ll use their subpoena power and ability to create news events to probe the president himself, possible misconduct committed by other members of his administration (of which there is a nearly inexhaustible supply) and various policy outrages. It will be a ceaseless drumbeat of Trump scandal for the next two years. --from the article

And it hasn’t exactly been un-intense and non-dangerous thus far.

I'm glad there is nothing descent on tv, because this is keeping me glued to MSNBC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

POS is planning to revoke Mueller's security clearance

The ugliest take down in America’s history.

Oh Lordy it surely is going to be one hell of a ride. It’s been more than bumpy since November 2016. We’re gonna need more than seat belts for this one.

Someone who cares about him - if there IS someone- should advise him to resign retire and play golf, and take away his iPhone.

Ain't that the God's honest truth. It's going to be a very bumpy ride for all of U.S. ?

I have a bad feeling about where this is heading...

I am thankful for the people who are speaking out against this administration especially since the Republican Congress and Senate are silent. VOTE VOTE VOTE

Im reminded of a scene in Mel Brooks's Twelve Chairs, when (as I recall) Dom DeLuis is physically dragged out of someone's home, clutching one of the chairs, begging to keep "a memento of your beautiful home." Enough said.

How does Trump react to losing the midterms? Does he do what he’s done with everything else and pretend facts are whatever he wants? Will he insist his candidates won, have his Congressmen swear them in, and say everything to the contrary is fake news? Are we prepared to defend the constitution or will we give in?

Y’ever notice that he never wears reading glasses? What 72 old man doesn’t wear reading glasses? One who doesn’t read? 🤔😂

Okay, I'm no Trumpican, but I've been hearing this exact phrase from WaPo opinion writers for months now. Kind of loses its luster after a while.

I hope "bumpy" doesn't mean "bloody" or "radioactive".

You made me smile and oh so happy may all of it come true Thank you

Well WP, it sure hasn't been a ride in park so far??

Who made the sad face? Turn that frown upside down! He’s in terror! 😂💪🏼

how will we be able to tell the difference?

You need to be careful with a rabid animal trapped in a corner. Especially if they have nothing left to loose.

Oh, great! Just when I thought it couldn’t be worse.😖

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