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Sunday April 22nd, 2018 - 5:00 am

Washington Post

How would we know if some advanced civilization existed on our home planet millions of years before brainy humans showed up? ... See MoreSee Less


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Well, a picture of a few thousand year old machine won’t answer the question, that’s for sure.

Lol .No. They would have risen from the same mud, or cane from another planet. Either way they would have bred us like cattle, because they would still be here

Democracy dies in the darkness of pseudoscience!

Badly presented article No point wise distinction of thoughts Readers need to read the whole article to get the crux Boring & Time wasting Bad work choi

Praise the Old Ones and the Outer Gods Let them return to rightfully reclaim the Earth 😆

Great to see this newspaper is really finding its level.

Atlantis .


የቆሻሻ የወያኔ የዘር ማባላት ዕቅድ እንጂ የኦሮሞ ሕዝብ ጉዳይ አይደለም መፍረስ አለበት።

Beznan Elsa 🤔

Bro Mance

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Sunday April 22nd, 2018 - 4:25 am

BBC News

This make-up artist is using her skills to help scarred women feel beautiful again. 👏💄 (via BBC World Service) ... See MoreSee Less


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That's absolutely amazing. Let's own up, we are a vanity driven species and having the face destroyed is our worst nightmare. This woman has been given back her self-confidence.

Sadiq Kahn's London is the per-capita acid attack capital of the world. Yay multiculturalism! (Y)

Why can't they be healed in the hospital?

Just shows from some off comments That people are really thick stupid actually I think she's amazing in this day People laugh at this sort off stuff Make fun say horrid things Bully It's idiots that make you insecure in the first place not yourself

Why the hell she wants them to live in the world of illusion? Everyone should be fine by the way they are

I’d date her I wonder if she’s single, love those lips.

The only scars that should be covered up are ones that are caused by stupid actions, like playing the knife game or jumping off a roof for fun. Scars show courage and survival. Do you have a scar from a domestic abuse attack. It shows you survived. Bullet wound, courage.

I am pretty sure the same people who come with the why use makeup excuses in the comments are the same ones who would stare at her and make rude comments. I can’t believe how insensitive people can be.

It’s really painful for girls or any person to have their face deformed. Let God give them the strength to endure this enourmous challenge.

Thank you for sharing. Big hugs to all affected by this.

What these women want is for people to stop looking at them weird. But they know that isn't possible in a world where a woman's value is placed on her looks, you know, like an object.

Hats off to you,Ola. You’re doing a great job 🙏

Great work by the make-up artist.

Carrie Underwood needs to take a look at these people and be grateful!

She is beautiful , especially when she is smiling 🙂

Every human is beautiful.❤️..God bless you dear🙏

A beautician that’s found a worthwhile business at last. Good on ya.

OMG 😲 can't stand the comments... Bye Felicia 👋

What is the point of beauty if you are not beautiful inside, but I can tell she is beautiful inside and outside 🕊❤

Wonderful initiative! I hope people stop that kind of torture...

It’s unfortunate hat as a society we still judge people by how they look. The happiness found by these women is unmistakable. More power to them.

Beauty begins on the inside - with or without make-up, girls, you both are beautiful. I understand though that some people are superficial - that's a reflection on them not you. Lady you have great make-up skills.

Alec. Really. Have you ever been abused or been attacked? Cause for some people seeing the scars are a reminder of what happened. So if covung the scars help then so be it. I person it s not week just cause they want scars covered up.

Rather strange and insensitive. You know you can always go back to normal by removing the make up. It is kind of theatrical trying yo make you feel 'good'.

Good for her.

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Sunday April 22nd, 2018 - 4:00 am

The Wall Street Journal

The international community's response to chemical weapons use in Syria has evolved over time. But the most recent bombings represent a more drastic shift.

Syria's Chemical Weapons and the West: From Diplomacy to Military Action
... See MoreSee Less


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Sunday April 22nd, 2018 - 2:47 am

BBC News

Why Russia’s attempted crackdown on the popular messaging app Telegram has been "failing". ... See MoreSee Less


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Governments always fear the right of their citizens to communicate in private. Russia does, the UK government does, the US government does, to give just 3 examples. They'll say it's for national security, but in the history of man, no such availability of power has ever gone without massive and wide-scale abuse. It becomes a tool of control - people are afraid to say something outside the party line even to one another, for fear of it being monitored and receiving reprisal. It's something we should all fear.

Here come the Russian bots to tell us how the [UK/US/EU] is definitely "just as bad" so we should definitely not report on this story. Absolutely laughable Of course not seeing the pathetic, transparent irony of "if you report on us trying to control information how are we supposed to control information? Can't you just focus on spying on your own citizens instead of how we are spying on ours?"

Ha nice try bbc to put the focus on russia. Im sure its going on there, but dont even attempt to convince us that its not going on in my country either. Ever heard of the nsa or cia? Thanks for insulting my intelligence.

Makes sense , everything is feasible and shall be respected when it comes to national security; you have a very obvious example of what happened to other places in Europe now full of terrorists because of lack of proper monitoring due to the governments policies of the so called freedom, uncontrolled freedom always used by radicals to cause troubles ; Russia is doing what is right in the world we live in nowadays

No mention of WhatsApp? Does this mean they already have the encryption key for it?

The FSB should stick to poisoning door handles in Salisbury!

Excuse me but when FBI , CIA and NSA did the same thing on facebook, it was okay ?

It's strange, but I use the telegram without problems, I do not feel the blockage. Apparently the blockade did not reach the Urals.😂

It's funny, it's like you're pretending that all governments aren't trying to control the internet

Both US & Russia are using different countries according to their interests. Both are not fighting on their soils, instead using third country's soil to fight & show their powers & promote their weapons.

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THE OBJECTIVE (two moon above the skies) Cos human life, is a test about expectation, just like your handphone being a creation. But those handphone that fared below expectation which love bite finger like you, from how they justify their acceptance somehow could stand as a factor in judging book of life. But do you think, the demon should be down on his knees? Cos that should be more sincere isn't it, in getting their acceptance, pertaining what you requested in that book. (SEE WHO REGRET FOREVER, EVER HAVE A LIFE AS HUMAN)

FAKE NEWS. BBC is the worst and most devious propaganda machine in the world. As a source it is so unreliable that when it posts a story you must start from that point and work backwards.

Usually we use whatsup, viber, wechat... Is it an add of telegram?

Serio eu dou minha vida em troca de justiça contra rede de televisão globo do brasil

Of course the UK is not cracking down on dissent because we live in a free country(irony alert)

Change the record BBC, you need to look closer to home to find the real experts of what your accusing the Russians of!

Better than relying on the BBC for information, truthful information i mean.

Love the bit where telegram moved to AWS so Russia banned AWS only to find half of the Russian infrastructure based on AWS 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

Russia has full right to take action about own country safety from americans and British agencies who try to invade terrorist groups IsIs , taliban in russia like iraq , syrea, afghanistan and like many more countries.

good, at least something the dictator cant control.

It's hugely popular in the crypto community also. They raised an insane amount via their ICO

Another anti Russian brainwash.

North Korea will soon have Telegram and the Rus Fed without.

When you try to fight for your privacy, and forget that there is no such thing as privacy.

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Sunday April 22nd, 2018 - 1:00 am

Washington Post

Fewer than a thousand lesser long-nosed bats were counted in 1988. Now there are 200,000, a rare success story. ... See MoreSee Less


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I see animals with the title lesser and always think “Why are they lesser? They’re special in their own way. Who’s to say they aren’t great little bats?”

It’s easy to make it off the list when you stop having a list.

Thanks to the Bruce Wayne foundation.

One......twoooo.....threee.....threeee lesser long nosed bats



Love to see this!

Melanie McCarthy Shelley

Jesse Cooper

Lynn Hraba

سور و آية من القرآن الكريم - A Surahs and an Ayah from the Holy Quran

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Sunday April 22nd, 2018 - 12:00 am

Washington Post

Cultural institutions and tour outfits are tweaking their formulas to bring the here and now into ages-old institutions. ... See MoreSee Less


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Remember when people went museums just because they had an actual interest in the subject matter?

Drunken sleepovers with million dollar art work may not be such a great idea.

I can assure you with 100% certainty that the "USA" including all its military allies are now permanently dead nations and ALL Americans (with all citizens of its military allies) are now emphatically permanently dead without any exception. ~ Professor (Grandmaster) Adefioye Sunday Adewumi 22nd April 2018 5:04GMT #Save

Sex for the guys?Porn art? Stormy skin flicks?This should bring them in 'Big League."

If it takes all of that to bring in a clientele who otherwise wouldn't be attracted, is that really the clientele museums want to attract? Museums and other institutions are set up for the appreciation of art, culture, and history, mainly. If some people aren't drawn to them by curiosity or appreciation, let them go someplace they do appreciate.

I have a year long pass to the museums in my city, I do enjoy seeing old paintings and statues. I can stop in for an hour and then go about my day, and then view another floor on a different day.

Headline ALL sounds fun to me, sign me up!


Iris van der Haagen

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