The American Molder

Occupational Monument by sculptor Ed Chesney.The American Molder is an “Occupational Monument” designed to be a tribute to the craftsmen and laborers of the Albion community.  It was designed by sculptor Ed Chesney.   He was able to portray a non-racial appearance of the face on the Molder, in order to honor hard working people of all races that were employed by the iron companies.  The sculpture is located across the street from the Albion Post Office at the intersection of Michigan Ave. and Superior St.  A quote by James Russell Lowell on the plaque reads:

“No man is born into the world whose work is not born with him. There is always work, and tools to work with, for those who will, and blessed are the thorny hands of toil.”

Occupational Monument by sculptor Ed Chesney.  There is another sculpture in Albion by this same artist at the Gerstacker Institute of Albion College.

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