Marshall School Bus information

marshall_postcardAlbion Middle School students will be attending Marshall Middle School beginning mid January.  Watch for information from the school system and in the news. While this is a bit of a change, there are a few opportunities here that Albion Middle School students may appreciate.  Marshall Middle School offers educational opportunities that Albion Community School was not able to provide.  This winter is fairly mild so far, and the travel may be easier due to the warmer than usual temperatures. Some of the bus stops are described in this postcard provided to us by a Marshall School board member.  Click on the postcard to see a larger view suitable for printing.  Visit the Marshall Public Schools website.  

If any Albion youth are interested in writing about their experience of the Marshall Schools, especially the benefits they observe, they can request membership in the Facebook Group Albion Michigan Arts and post their comments on that site for now. Later, if there is interest, we can set up a page just for the experience of education in Albion.  The activity of sharing information about new ways of learning will be helpful overall, and may be also useful in a students resume down the road.