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Coca-Cola mural downtown Albion

We are dividing up this site into a new menu system.  This section will have links to information about doing business in Albion,  businesses that support this website and the General Guide, education, elected officials and our districts, and also ads.

We’ll include a couple of posts for ads here for now, and add more to this section soon!

See sub sections in the menu above or follow the links below for more information.

  • Education – We show a map of all the educational institutions in Albion and serving Albion.  There is more information about Marshall Public Schools that serve Albion.
  • General Guide – What started as a flier to show the new location of the General Store became the Poor Richards Almanac of Albion with a calendar, theme of the issue, circulation of 15,000 fully distributed.  It’s also a visual history of Albion month by month since 2014
  • History – Historical posts by live social media, links to history sources about Albion, a History Map for a walking tour, and also Black History.
  • News – streaming news about  Albion from the Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce, Albion Public Safety, City of Albion, and various news sources. The menu at the top also shows pages for local tv live news streams, Healthy News, non profit news and more.  For even more information see the category links at the bottom of most posts.
  • Progress – There are some interesting things happening in Albion and we have posted some of them but there are a lot more yet to post including a recent feature story about Albion in the Wall Street Journal.

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