Labor Day Albion Walk the Trail


We are happy that the Labor Day Albion Walk the Trail event has been growing since we helped to market the event since 2016.  The walk the trail event started about 5 years earlier, but there were no group photos before then.

See how the crowd has grown since 2016!

Read through the posts below to learn more about the history of the event, and the world famous public parks of Albion that we tour, including History Hill in Holland Park.

This event is sponsored by Albion Health Care Alliance:

Labor Day Albion Walk the Trail - Albion Michigan 2018

Labor Day Albion Walk the Trail – Albion Michigan 2018

Labor Day Albion - Walk the Trail Albion Health Care Alliance and Albion Recreation Department invite the community to come to Albion on Labor Day at 10 a.m., for those who cannot make it for the bigger walk over the Mackinac Bridge. We meet in Victory Park, and walk over the footbridge of the South Branch of the Kalamazoo River between Victory Park and Rieger Park, and also the North Branch of the Kalamazoo River on Eaton Street bridge, near Washington Street Park. We walk over a half a dozen bridges, large and small. How Albion’s Labor Day Walk the Trail started. Albion Downtown Development director Nidia Wolf started the walk in 2008, one year after the trail was dedicated.  Later she became the director for the Albion Health Care Alliance that still is the leader of this fun outdoor gathering.  The hike is the lower peninsula's answer for the traditional "Walking the Bridge" on Labor Day for Michigan.  This event grows each year.  It includes crossing over four bridges and walking through seven of Albion's 17 parks.   The Albion River Trail walk recurs every Labor Day.  It begins with a meeting near the River Trail sign for a group ...
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Labor Day Albion - Tour of History Hill in Holland Park

Labor Day Albion – Tour of History Hill in Holland Park

Labor Day Albion Walk the Trail is planned for Monday September 2, 2019.  You can invite your friends by going to the official event page from Albion Health Care Alliance here: In 2018, Albion Health Care Alliance partnered with Albion Recreation Department for the Labor Day Albion - Walk the Trail event. Larry Williams, of the Albion Recreation Department requested that we include Holland Park in the walk to showcase all of the work that has been done recently for the Holland Park Transformation project. The walkers on the Labor Day Albion hike enjoyed learning at History Hill. In the photo below, Leslie Dick tells the story of Holland Park, West Ward School, and History Hill.  It was a good midpoint on the hike, which occurred on a very warm day in 2018. Then we were able to hear Albion College’s current longest-tenured professor, Dr. Wesley Arden Dick give a talk about labor and the Great Migration that brought black people to Albion.  Watch an excerpt of that talk below. For more information about History Hill and West Ward School visit: Albion Black History – West Ward School For more information about Holland Park Transformation project visit This ...
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Labor Day Walk the Trail Albion Michigan

Labor Day Walk the Trail – Albion Michigan 2017

The end of one season and the beginning of another is quickly approaching. This time of year thousands of people will be headed to our upper peninsula in anticipation of walking across the Mackinac Bridge. For those not participating in this annual walk, you are invited to share in Albion’s Labor Day Walk the Trail. The Albion Health Care Alliance invited the community out on Monday, September 4, 2017, Labor Day, to walk the trail. The event took place at 10:00am until 11:00am. Participants were asked to meet at the beginning of the trail, just off Hannah Street in Victory Park, close to Victory for Kids playground area. Everyone is welcome to attend and walk: families, Albion College faculty, staff, and students, youth and those young in heart from the community and surrounding areas. It is a fun event that celebrates the walking trail and the end of summer. The Albion River Trail is approximately 1.6 miles long. One can walk the length in one direction, and then return by the same route, or choose another one to your own liking; walking at your own pace. The Albion River Trail is now part of the North Country National Scenic Trail ...
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