Labor Day Albion – Tour of History Hill in Holland Park

In 2018, Albion Health Care Alliance partnered with Albion Recreation Department for the Labor Day Albion – Walk the Trail event. Larry Williams, of the Albion Recreation Department requested that we include Holland Park in the walk to showcase all of the work that has been done recently for the Holland Park Transformation project.

The walkers on the Labor Day Albion hike enjoyed learning at History Hill. In the photo below, Leslie Dick tells the story of Holland Park, West Ward School, and History Hill.  It was a good midpoint on the hike, which occurred on a very warm day in 2018.

Labor Day Albion Walk the Trail was on Monday September 2, 2019.  You can invite your friends by going to the official event page from Albion Health Care Alliance here:


Then we were able to hear Albion College’s current longest-tenured professor, Dr. Wesley Arden Dick give a talk about labor and the Great Migration that brought black people to Albion.  Watch an excerpt of that talk below.

For more information about History Hill and West Ward School visit:

Albion Black History – West Ward School

For more information about Holland Park Transformation project visit

This event is part of the Albion Walk the Trail 2018 event, sponsored by Albion Health Care Alliance with Albion Recreation Department.
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Labor Day Albion Walk the Trail – Albion Michigan 2018

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