Homestead Savings Bank Celebrates 130 Years in Albion

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In May of 1981, Homestead Savings Bank was completed where it stands now. The building is twice the size from where it came from on 211 Superior Street in downtown Albion, and back then, that was something to celebrate. But Homestead Savings Bank has served Albion and the surrounding area for 130 years now and that service is worth celebrating according to Scott Evans, President and CEO of the bank.

Evans estimates that 100 to 150 people came through their lobby on Friday, June 21st during their business hours. Evans said, “We had a good group obviously from Albion. We also had people come over from Marshall to visit with us…A lot of customers, but also a lot of people from the community that came in and congratulated us on the anniversary.”

Talking with those attending the celebration it is clear customers appreciate having a local bank. Essie Curtis has banked locally since her arrival in Albion in the 1960’s. When her bank closed downtown a couple of years ago, she came to Homestead Savings Bank and it was like coming home. Said Curtis, “I know everybody here and that gives me confidence in the bank. I enjoy coming here.”


Evans stated “Homestead originated here in 1889, same name, so it means a lot to the community, and it’s community pride to say we are headquartered in Albion and have local management and a local board.”

The staff is proud of the personal touch in their service too, even with this anniversary celebration. Employee Juanita Solis-Kidder reported that “the staff made the cupcakes and they went above and beyond with all these different cupcakes and decorations.” She also pointed out bank albums and newspaper clippings out on display that record the bank’s history. As Solis-Kidder spoke with people throughout the day they shared with her that they did not realize how long the bank was in existence in Albion.

As for the future of Homestead Savings Bank, it’s looking bright. Currently, they have branches in Leslie and Springport, MI.

According to Evans, ““We have hundreds of customers with thousands of banking accounts, loans, and services.” When asked what he likes best about being headquartered in Albion, Evans quickly answered, “The people.”

All pictures by Sylvia Benavidez
Photos and story copyright, The Recorder
All pictures by Sylvia Benavidez
Photos and story copyright, The Recorder.

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