General Guide to Albion – Issue XIV – November/December 2015 – Giving Edition

Welcome to the online version of the General Guide to Albion. Issue XIV is about ways to give in Albion.

This “Giving Edition” of the General Guide is sponsored by Albion Community Foundation.

The art in the Guide is based on a theme of a windy November, with hard weather on the way. It shows how resilient Albionites still find ways to beautify Albion. We can volunteer, share our talents, and contribute financial resources to our community in many ways. Details of the Giving Issue photo art will be posted online including these topics:

The photo art shows how, in Albion, special people stepped up to the plate and gave of their time, their talents, and their treasures.  We have the ability to make a difference, especially when things might not look their best.

We will feature the photos of the ways to give, throughout the holidays, here on the General Guide blog on  Visit the other pages on our menu too, and see live Facebook streams from public pages related to entertainment, news, healthy living and more.  It’s a fun way to keep current on Albion things without so much temptation to see other things on Facebook.  You don’t even have to be logged in.

There are listings for more non-profit organizations and supporting businesses printed on the back of the General Guide to Albion. These are places we can give and shop to make Albion stronger. This season we thank those who give, including our veterans and volunteers. We also thank those who shop local.

See also the web page about Giving Tuesday in Albion and some selected non profit organizations who are making a difference and encouraging philanthropy in new ways.