General Guide to Albion – Issue XXV – July/August 2017

General Guide XXV, the Parks Edition, was delivered as an insert to shopper newspapers the weekend of July 1, 2017.  The Parks Edition of the General Guide features the lovely parks and fun outdoor activities all over Calhoun County Michigan, especially in Albion and Marshall.

Look inside your Morning Star if you live in or near the city of Albion, Michigan. If you live in the city of Marshall, look inside your Ad-Visor & Chronicle to get your folded double wide copy of the General Guide.

This issue is also more “Senior Friendly” and features a larger type size than previous editions.  Thanks to Parks Drug Store in Albion for being the Primary Sponsor of this twenty-fifth edition of General Guide.  In January 2014, we printed 100 black and white copies of the General Guide.  Now, we are printing and distributing 10,000 copies during the summer months, and 15,000 copies during the school year.

Participating businesses will have extra copies of the General Guide starting the first week of July.  Please take an extra Guide and send it to a friend from out of town, or share it with a neighbor.  We will be posting more photos and news related to parks and outdoor fun throughout the summer.

General Guide lists general times and dates for big community events.  Times and places are subject to change.  Please verify each item before you make plans.  The Google Calendar on the menu above will have links to more official information for each item shown for your convenience.

We thank all of our readers for the feedback about the Guide. To leave feedback join the Albion Michigan Arts Group on Facebook and post it there, or message us from there.  One recent request was for larger type and so this edition should be easier to read.

The images of the General Guide are clickable and lead to a printable pdf of the Guide.

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Swingin’ at the Shell starts July 23, 2017 with the Marshall Rotary Band – Sunday evenings
Click the photo or here for more details.