General Guide to Albion – Issue XII – September 2015 – Literacy Series – Albion Public Schools

Above – Albion Community School building, home of Albion Public Schools

Welcome to the online version of the General Guide to Albion. Issue XII is the first of a series about Literacy in Albion. The September issue features Albion Public Schools.  Albion Public Schools have a K-8 program, and all classes are located in the Albion Community School building at 225 East Watson Street, Albion, Michigan.  The official site of Albion Public Schools is:

Albion Public School students (K-8) can learn technology close to home. STEM program stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  Girls can participate in their own STEM program if they choose.

The September and October issues of the General Guide feature Literacy.

See information below including posts on some of these topics

  • New technology at Albion School District includes new devices for students to learn.
  • The Big Read,”  events puts Albion on the map nationally.
  • Albion College’s Build Albion Fellows if offering free tuition, room and board to select Albion students  who are willing to work and learn.
  • Albion District Library has free books for moms of newborns
  • Also at Albion District Library, a program to get a GED.

The older versions of the General Guide – prior to July 2015 are still at www.AlbionMich.COM/general

We will be adding new posts related to each General Guide in the month it is current, and we will keep these posts sorted by topic.

We now have a printable pdf available of the September 2015 issue that you can access by going to this post.