General Guide – Issue XXI – November December 2016 – Giving Edition

General Guide

to Albion & Nearby – Issue XXI

November/December 2016 – Giving Edition

General Guide

to Albion & Nearby – Issue XXI

November/December 2016 – Giving Edition


The General Guide XXI was distributed to all students in the Marshall Public Schools, Albion College and in the Morning Star the weekend of October 29. This flier will also be distributed in the Advisor & Chronicle to every home in the city of Marshall. The General Guide shares special event news between both communities.


This issue has music events including band concerts, orchestra and choral by Albion College and Marshall students. Home games for both schools are listed, as well as the new indoor Farmers Markets in both Albion and Marshall.


The biggest event listed is “Giving Tuesday,” that follows Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. Giving Tuesday, now in its fourth year nationally, grew as a response to commercialism and consumerism in the post Thanksgiving Season.


The Guide has photos of projects and events that were made possible through donations. Now with Giving Tuesday, it is easier than ever to a philanthropist. Instructions on how to participate locally with Giving Tuesday, and links to the official Giving Tuesday site, will be available along with other streaming news and the online calendar at www.

The online version of the calendar has links to official news about the events listed.

This issue had a print run of 15,000 thanks to sponsor Albion Community Foundation. For a printable version of General Guide XXI please click on one of these images.


This General Guide shows some landmarks of both Albion and Marshall that were made possible through donations large and small. As the month goes by we will post more information about these landmarks including their history. We will be posting all of the events that are listed in the print version onto the web calendar at so you will be able to get more information and click through to see the official source to verify times and locations before you make a trip.

We will be gathering more historical information and especially Black History from both Albion and Marshall in preparation for the first General Guide of 2017 that will feature these topics.

In honor of Giving Tuesday, please consider making a donation to Albion Community Foundation who made this issue of General Guide possible. We will post more information about Giving Tuesday soon, but for now, visit their national website:

Remember to look in your Morning Star this weekend to get your copy if you live in or near Albion. Look inside your AdVisor & Chronicle if you live IN the City of Marshall. You can also pick up a copy of the General Guide to Albion by visiting the Morning Star office at 125 E. Cass Street, or Art Craft Press at 118 W. Vine Street, behind the Post Office.

Click here to see a printable pdf of the General Guide – October 2016 which includes a calendar of concerts, lectures, home games and author talks. For Big Read events, visit


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