General Guide 2023 – 40th Issue –  The Senior Edition

It’s 2023, and time for the release of the General Guide to Albion. This year’s issue is a milestone, General Guide 2023 – 40th Issue – Senior Edition. If you live in the city of Albion or nearby, check your shopper newspaper, the Morning Star the weekend of January 14 for your free copy of this local publication.

The General Guide began over 9 years ago to provide multi-faceted communication channels for the greater Albion area. Now, as we simultaneously reflect on the last nine years and anticipate the year ahead, there are many stories about challenges our community has faced and exciting projects ahead. The General Guide 2023 – 40th Issue – Senior Edition digs into how the city is collaboratively improving the quality of life by focusing on eight different areas outlined in the General Guide. This is the time of year to set our sights on goals and Albion is now officially underway in becoming part of the AARP-designated Age-Friendly Network of Communities. 

Next week the General Guides will also be at Albion City Hall, Family Fare in Albion, Anna’s House of Flowers, the Albion Train Depot home of Mowrer Agency, Jolly Green Junction, and other locations throughout Calhoun County. 

See the entire General Guide by clicking here

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