Dedication of the Hoop House

Dick Porter, of Albion Community Gardens shares gratitude for the many people and organizations that made this development possible. Not all of the remarks are captured here in this video.

The hoop house in particular is part of a gift from the Calhoun County Senior Services, which administers the Senior Millage.

A hoophouse, a special type of greenhouse built with hoops, measuring 2,100 square feet, was constructed thanks to Calhoun County Senior Millage special projects funding.  Twenty volunteers, led by the Nifty Hoops, a hoophouse manufacturer in Ann Arbor, were able to install the new planting area in one day.  This company has designed a series of more efficient crop protection structures (hoophouses), which increase resilience of farms against wind, rain, and cold and extend the growing season through the winter months.   Some crops will be planted immediately with hopes of more crops yet this year. These include some high return and locally popular crops, such as spinach, greens, and tomatoes. Earlier this year a ten-foot-high deer fence was installed at the Community Gardens, with thanks to Albion Area Philanthropic Women.

A strong vegetable inside the hoophouse

Collards growing strong!

Some key garden planners

Trisha and Dick pose in front of the new hoop house, which will allow for fresh produce to be grown year-round to benefit the greater Albion community.

Fruits of the season

Trisha and Gwen enjoy delicious refreshments – fresh watermelon (grown on-site!) and fresh donuts and cider

Hoop House is large

If you look to the end of the hoop house inside, you can get a sense of how large the hoop house is!

Cutting the Ribbon.  Look who is here!

Helen Guzzo, Manager of Calhoun County Senior Services, cuts the ribbon alongside Trisha, Jeanne, Gwen, Dick, Willie Tabb, and Mrs. Vera Simpson, founder of Vision of Life.

Albion Organizations represented at the dedication

More photos of the crowd that gathered. There were representatives from the Albion Health Care Alliance, Albion College, Calhoun County Senior Millage, and the Albion community.

Some key helpers for the Hoop House

Dick Porter is joined by Gwen Tabb, Jeanne Hemmond, and Trisha Franzen in this photo.

Dedication of Hoop House attendees

There was a great group gathered to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Albion Community Gardens - New Banner

Albion Community Gardens – New Banner recognizing the support of the Vision of Life Community Center and the Albion Branch NAACP

The Community Garden of Albion group was involved in another food related accomplishment, on Tuesday, Sept 13.

Click the image below to learn about the harvest sharing with the Community Table of Albion.