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Your business’s holiday cards can  commemorate special places, events, and people with a custom designed holiday card that will be a keepsake for those who get it. We work with our clients to be sure they like the design of the cards before we go to print.

Our usual order of custom cards is 2,500 cards. This quantity will give you a good price per card that is very competitive with generic cards, but with a much greater perceived quality.  Part of the design will include winter weather, and holiday ornaments, but also a building of your business, or a special project that you would like to celebrate.  We help you to brainstorm on what images to include, and we create proofs of your art that you can help to give us feedback on what things are working in the design and what things we might want to tweak.  

Custom Cards using photo/art that you can review and advise

We can change different elements in your design, including the sky, the time of day, the foreground, and the details of the main subject, which is usually a scene or a building. 

We can add people to the scene and holiday touches.   

Let us be creative with you and bring joy to your clients this holiday season with custom-designed cards.  See the magic in holiday cards created by Albion Design/ Maggie LaNoue.

Custom cards created by Maggie LaNoue do not include the title to the original art to the client, only the cards created. The copyright remains with the artist. The art may not be reproduced in any way that is not specified in the agreement for the project. Prints and cards with art by Maggie LaNoue may not be photocopied or reproduced as this violates U.S. Copyright laws.