Coca-Cola Mural Restoration Project

This mural was created at least 100 years ago, and is a focal point of downtown Albion.


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RESTORE OUR COKE SIGN: Bring Art and History Downtown

Coca-cola Mural Restoration, Albion Michigan

A piece of Albion’s history is fading away. Our 1922 historic Coca-Cola sign, in the heart of downtown, needs to be restored to its former glory. With the help of our community members, we are going to make sure this part of our shared heritage is going to get a much-needed facelift.

Three projects are part of a volunteer-based fundraising campaign to restore the iconic Coca-Cola sign in downtown Albion.

In addition to this historic restoration, there are two commissioned art pieces planned as part of this downtown beautification.

If our campaign is successful, we will also create a statue commemorating the founding of Tee-Ball in our community as well as a mural honoring Albion’s foundry heritage.


Since the late 1950’s and early 1960’s a new way for young children to begin their love of baseball was developed with the invention of Tee Ball.

To honor Jerry Sacharski, one of the founders of this “Pee Wee” baseball, a metal statue of an Albion six-year-old player standing at the batting tee, will be commissioned for a new beautification lot on South Superior Street.


For years, Albion was a foundry town and employed hundreds from the area to work in the industry. To honor this history, a 3-D mural on the back of the Albion Malleable Brewing Co will be painted by a local artist, Kimber Thompson. The mural will be based on watercolors done in 1951 from inside the old Malleable Iron Co.

Stay tuned to hear how you can help to brighten up Albion’s downtown!



A performance from years past at this central location of Albion.

Hear a performance at the end of Fete de la Musique 2017.