City of Albion

The City of Albion is divided into 6 precincts and residents of each precinct have their own City Council person representing them.

Here is the official City of Albion website with links to the precinct maps.  (scroll down on this page to view them.)

The precincts are also shown on the Calhoun County website:
The precincts on the links above were updated in 2012. However, the official maps for updated precincts are not yet posted to any official website that we can find. We requested and received the updated map below from the Albion City Manager.  Here are the new precincts that also show the changed areas clearly marked. Click on the image to see a larger view.

Here are the Albion City Council members by precinct:

A registered voter must vote at the polling location for his or her own precinct, which is determined by the voter’s address. Check the Ward-Precinct map below to determine your Ward and Precinct. Check the table below for the address of your polling location.

By Michigan State Law, a voter must be registered to vote at least 30 days before the election in which they want to vote.

Additional elections and voter information is available by clicking on the menu tabs on the left. For more information about elections or to check your registered voter status online, please visit the State of Michigan Voter website.