Albion Area Church Directory

Albion is blessed with having many options for places to worship.  The Recorder has offered a church directory for decades.  We are now beginning to offer this online.  For more information about sponsoring the church directory, please call The Recorder at 517-629-2127.

This same information is also in a pdf version below. 

What do visitors to Albion have to say about its abundance of churches?  Read one example by clicking on the image at the right.

Article from The Recorder by Nicolás Dumit Estévez Raful Espejo:  Moving With the Spirit.


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About a dozen of the churches in Albion are now offering online services.  See them here:

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The “Great Blizzard of ‘78” was a storm that Albionites will never forget, one that will be a legend through the 21st century. Approximately 28” of snow fell in Albion.

National Weather Service accurately predicted the storm, saving many lives. It described it as a “storm of unprecedented magnitude” and categorized it as a rare severe blizzard, the most severe grade of winter storm.
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