Changes in downtown Albion since 1985

What has changed in Albion since 1985? This art of downtown Albion was posted to the Albion Michigan Arts group on Facebook.  People started to comment on the things that had changed.

AF- No Big trees,Chemical Bank is now EDC/Comm. Fdn, Albion electric is now a Gas Station…
PB- The mill is gone
SB- I can’t tell – was the iron pourer statue there?
SB- No traffic signals – – or were they omitted for artistic license?
PW-  There is a whole block of buildings in the picture which are gone now, in preparation for the hotel.
TD- No chemical bank
AA-  Albion Electric, now sits Citgo gas,
AA-  Kentucky Fried Chicken…
EBF-  Albion Floorcovering on n the left is gone
SH-  Love it. I have a similar scene you did on a notecard in color.
ML-  Thank you for all the observations. Let’s name some things that are not in the picture that have changed since then. Which factories are gone? etc. one per comment is fun.
FP-  Well, the brick street is gone in this photo, but I suspect it is covered with snow however…
SH –  Where’s the water tower?
SB –  Behind the viewer, I believe
SB – Harvard Industries (formerly Hayes-Albion and before that, Albion Malleble)
SB –  Brooks Foundary
SB-  K-Mart
ML-  Albion Community Hospital