Sledding Hill – Home of the Cardboard Classic

The Sledding Hill in Victory Park Albion is already a destination for those who love to race on a snowy hill, but once a year it is the host to hundreds of people for the Cardboard Classic Sledding Race. In 2018 the date is Saturday February 9. The date was carefully chosen to coincide with the winter storm that arrived earlier in the week and just ended the day of the race for the a foot of the finest powder for the sport.

 Learn more about the Cardboard Classic on their facebook event page here:

The sledding hill in Victory Park Albion is a popular destination in the area. There are straw bales on either side, and a light at night so sledders can enjoy the lovely trees and view in Victory Park.

The sledding hill is home to the Cardboard Classic Annual Sledding contest, with prizes for the fastest, and most uniquely designed sleds made of Corrugated Cardboard.  The event usually happens in January or February, weather allowing.

This view of the sledding hill is part of a 56-foot long mural in the drive thru of First Merit bank in downtown Albion.  The mural is called the Albion River of Time because it shows a linear scene depicting things happening in all four seasons in Albion, along with the river, brick streets,  river trail, and parks.

Learn more about the mural at this link:

Map to Victory Park – closest parking to the sledding hill is on Haven Road near Veterans Way.


See below for examples of cardboard sleds at the Albion sledding event.

Albion’s Farmer’s Market Aerial View 2017

French Market 2017

Take an aerial tour of Albion’s Stoffer Plaza by clicking on each photo to see it larger and to read the stories about each photo.
See the ground level photos of Albion’s French Market on this same day by clicking here.

Albion Community Bike Ride Program 2016


The Kick Off ride is Saturday, May 14, 2016 10:00 a.m. 

All other rides start at 9am.

Have some safe bike riding fun this summer in Albion on Saturday mornings.

Here is how to do it with commentary from the General Guide to Arts & Trails,

Meet at Albion City Hall (112 West Cass Street, Albion, Michigan)  It’s the same day as the French Market and Farmer’s Market – both in Stoffer Plaza.  We will end up there after the ride – fun to see people there, and maybe pick up some fresh produce.


A Short Walking Tour from the year 2000

This timeless brochure was developed at the turn of the century and features a numbered pictorial tour.  There are images and descriptions of the Molder sculpture, the Post Office, the Albion Train Depot, Superior Street, City Hall, the Farmers’ Market, Lloyd Park, Albion’s Mother of Mother’s Day, the Library, the Gardner House, the Bohm Theatre and the Festival of the Forks.

See how many changes have already happened in Albion downtown since this art was created.  Gone – the grain elevator, gone – the block where the new hotel will be.  New – the new Albion Fire station.  See the news about the upcoming downtown hotel on the progress page – in the top menu.

“Amidst the quiet rolling farmlands and cool lakes of south-central Michigan Albion is nestled along the forks of the Kalamazoo  River.  To access a printable pdf file, click here.

Art and Purple Gang locations near the Albion River Trail

  • albion_michigan_art_trail_map_800px
    This Interactive Google Map shows several types of locations near the Albion River Trail.  There are custom icons and layers with information associated with each marker.  Access by clicking on the markers.
  • Art near the Albion River Trail
  • Purple  Gang locations near the Albion River Trail
  • Albion Parks and their location marked along with the  Albion River Trail.
  • See more information on the Albion River Trail link in the upper menu.

Albion Art Walk

Albion has been a favorite city for artists over the years.  Perhaps due to the private liberal arts college within the community, or perhaps the convenient location for access to the highway and affordable homes, artists like to live in Albion.

This brochure of the Albion Art Walk was created by Albion College student Zack Havens to showcase the wonderful art in downtown Albion.


Zack worked with:

  • Sue Marcos and the
    Albion Chamber
    Of Commerce
  • Robina Quale Leach
    Sarah Briggs
  • Jim Whitehouse
  • Albion College
  • Elizabeth Schultheiss
  • Vivian Davis
  • Annette Lerma
  • Keith Kaplan
  • Amanda Lankard

Funding for this brochure was provided by The Arts and Industry Council and Albion Economic Development. There are copies available at the Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce or see the pdf by clicking here.

There is also an Albion walking tour Google map with a layer for art near the Albion River Trail.  See that map in the upper menu.

Scavenger Hunt


Take a second look at Albion’s wonderful architecture. Many of Albion’s architectural gems have been left untouched over the years. Albion’s downtown is even a designated National Historic District. See some of the tiny details in this brochure about why Albion is so charming.

Print out this brochure to use as a resource on any of the walking tours, or just click here to view the pdf file now and get a quick idea of the classic architecture in Albion.

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Purple Gang Walking Tour

From wikipedia: Founded 1920s Founding location Detroit, Michigan, United States Years active 1910s − 1932 Territory Detroit Criminal activities Murder, extortion, theft, armed robbery, kidnapping, gambling, bootlegging Allies The Capone mob, Fred “Killer” Burke Rivals Rival gangs, The Detroit Partnership, Fred “Killer” Burke after 1927 The Purple Gang, also known as the Sugar House Gang, was a mob of bootleggers and hijackers, with predominantly Jewish members. They operated out of Detroit, Michigan, in the 1920s and came to be Detroit’s dominant criminal gang, but ultimately excessive violence and infighting caused the gang to self-destruct in the 1930s.

From an article by Frank Passic on

The Purple Gang was a group of notorious Detroit gangsters during the 1920s and 1930s. Brothers Louis, Sam and Harry Fleisher were involved with the group. The latter two were convicted of conspiracy to murder Senator Warren G. Hooper in 1945. The Fleishers came to Albion in the 1930s and operated a junk yard in the Market Place between present-day Thompsons Brakes and the new Leisure Hour Club as a “front” for their criminal activity. The business was called the Riverside Iron and Metal Company.

Albion was a perfect site between Detroit and Chicago for gangster meetings, which were held in places like the balcony of the Bohm Theatre, the Parker Inn where gangsters lodged, and at the Streetcar Tavern west of town where mobster Abe “Buffalo Harry” Rosenberg and his brother Louis owned the apartment house attached to the tavern. Purple Gang members would also purchase home-made liquor manufactured on the “west end” of town.

The Purple Gang walking tour of  Albion shows several of the places that the Purple Gang would frequent when in Albion Michigan.  A printable copy of this self guided walking tour can be found on the website:  purple_gang_map-210

Riverside Cemetery Walking Tour


Riverside Cemetery has been the final resting place for the men and women of Albion since 1837. Take a tour of Riverside and learn about the Gardners, the Crowells, the Peabodys and the Sheldons.  Learn more about Albion’s Mother of Mother’s Day, the Kinneys, and the Deans.  If you’ve lived in Albion all your life, you know these names.  If you don’t live in Albion, come anyway, you will learn a lot.

The families highlighted in this brochure were chosen due to their accomplishments, historical interest, notoriety, or unusual monuments. More information about Riverside Cemetery can be found on the City of Albion website. There are also extensive historical articles written about the men and women buried here, and tour books of Riverside Cemetery, from Albion’s Historian Frank Passic.
CEM_MAP_BRO_INSIDE_MINI_003This brochure was created in conjunction with the City of Albion in 1990, and the 11″ x 17″ version is still available at the cemetery office. Click on the images at left to see a larger view. There are two pdf versions of the brochure linked below.

Riverside_Cemetery_LITE_map (447k faster for mobile devices)

Riverside Cemetery Printable (1.7MB – suitable for printing, uses 3 pages – set printer to landscape view)