Albion Community Foundation

Albion Community Foundation has sponsored the Giving Edition of the General Guide in 2015, 2016, and 2017.
In 2017 the foundation moved to a new location at 1002 N. Eaton Street, Albion, Michigan.

Visit their website at

fountain_foundationAlbion Community Foundation

“strengthens the greater Albion

area by cultivating community assets to enhance our quality of life.
The Albion Community Foundation helps individuals, families, businesses, and nonprofit agencies achieve their charitable and financial goals by providing tools and resources that make giving easy, flexible, and effective.”

Recently the Albion Community Foundation had an event called “What is Philanthropy?” and showed a movie buy the same name. A trailer from the film, that is inspirational for times like these, can be found at

The film’s director, Salvatore Alaimo, a Grand Valley professor of public, nonprofit and health administration  shares some concept of the films from the film on this link.

“Alaimo wants to “bust” certain myths with his film. He wants to dispel the notion that philanthropy is just for rich people. Philanthropy is not limited to the wealthy, nor is it limited to financial giving, says Alaimo.

He says that philanthropy exists because not all of society’s needs are met through businesses and government. Tax money theoretically goes towards services for which there’s a general consensus of support, such as police and schools. This means public funding tends to stay away from things like symphonies or food pantries, he says. These are niches of need that fall through the gaps, and Alaimo says that philanthropy fills those needs.”




American Legion – Toys for Tots

tosy_for_totsGiving to the American Legion is fun at this time of year.  Look for the Toys for Tots signs around town at the Library and Albion Ford and other places. Please leave new unwrapped toys only. This project is being run locally by the Albion American Legion Post 55. This was the display for the American Legion at the “Show Your Best” event on Saturday Oct 24. Several veterans also checked in and asked about joining our organization. Toys for Tots.

Visit the American Legion online and enjoy their hospitality for a number of food events in their location by the Kalamazoo River.

Albion-Homer United Way

unitedwayAlbion-Homer United Way – accepting donations and volunteer applications.

The Board of Directors of the Albion-Homer United Way is pleased to announce an exciting shift in our programming priority for 2015!

The board approved moving our perspective (priority funding) towards 3rd grade reading competency programs, effective 2015.

Statistics indicate that if children are not reading at grade level by the conclusion of 3rd grade, they continue to fall further behind as they progress through school.

Brits Give

Albion College is a leader in the Albion community with its focus on scholarships that help local students to attend college, and bring other deserving young people to Albion for their continued education.

Visit the Giving Tuesday Brits Give page that explains where to give money and where it will go.  We can give at any time, but Giving Tuesday is a great day to give.