Big changes are coming to students in Albion

From Michigan Public Radio – an interview on May 24, 2016.
“Big changes are coming to students in Albion. Voters have approved Marshall Public Schools’ annexing of the struggling Albion School District.
Among the changes coming to Albion are greater flexibility in a student’s academic path, including something called the Pre-K to Grade 16 approach.
Marshall Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Randy Davis joined us on today’s Stateside to discuss this new plan.”

Listen to the 30 minute interview on Michigan Public Radio by clicking here.

Some quick notes transcribed from the conversation:


Dr. Davis has been with Marshall Public Schools, Marshall Michigan since 2009. This is the 13th year with the middle college concept.

“Pre-K to Grade 16 will serve as a model for other struggling districts.
All students in eastern Calhoun County will have equal access, no matter the context they enter Marshall schools.

We offer pre-school, daycare before and after school, GSRP (Great Start Readiness Program).
Pre-K kindergarten placement, not quite ready to be in kindergarten (Young 5s)
Greater flexibility in a students academic path.
Working since 2010 on better and more varied plans for students that live in our region of eastern Calhoun County.

Build Albion Fellows is attracting more students to go to Albion College.
Changing mindsets across region – students look at their options after 8th grade
Non-traditional high school, Marshall has had this since 2001. There are a number of things that could disenfranchise a student’s learning [and we take these into account].
Introduce them to the world of college, the feeling of a safety net that they could go on. They start to see themselves differently.
Integrated applied arts area, vocational ed, many districts don’t have these.
Participate in our career center and they have their own area of service (in the integrated applied arts).
Early College – Middle College, graduate after 13 years with their Associates degree; have to complete 15 college credit hours as well as high school curriculum; free; some students are going to night classes and graduating even earlier.
One of the first annexations with such dichotomous districts in over 30 years.
Annexation: two combine to create an entirely unique district. Including the school boards.
New relationship with Albion will make Marshall stronger.
Schools of Choice has been affecting all districts, but negatively for rural districts.
Albion Public Schools became 80% children of color. Marshall was about 7-8% children of color. Neither school was diverse. We are better preparing our children for college through more diversity. ”

We will post more links to official information soon. Annexation occurs on July 1, 2016.


Retirement Party for Albion Public Schools

This was more than your usual farewell and happy retirement party. This was our chance to tell all of the staff and Board of Directors at Albion Public Schools thank you. The retirement and farewell party too place on June 2 at Baldwin Hall, Albion College.

This was what the invitation looked like. There was a packed house and a beautiful buffet of food provided by Albion College.


Former employees, students, parents, community partners, and friends of Albion Public Schools are cordially invited to the celebration of the Albion Public Schools 2015 and 2016 Retirees Reception, Thursday, June 2 at 4-5:30 p.m. (presentations and recognitions will occur at 4:30 p.m.). in Albion College’s Upper Baldwin Hall.

Collectively the following employees has served APS for 149 years:
Sue Armistead
Harry Armistead
Dar Corey
Henderson Harris, Jr.
Steve Hartman
Laura Tuohy

The public in invited to share this momentous occasion in congratulating our retirees and wishing them a happy and healthy life in their retirement years. This is also a great opportunity for former APS employees, friends, and co-workers to reconnect and get updates on our families and former children in which we have had a great impact on their lives. Special recognition will be given to the present staff at Albion Community School for their dedication and comittement.

Please contact Sue Armistead at (517) 629-9166 for addition information.

New Things Coming to Albion

Hotel Groundbreaking – May 12, 2016

Opening remarks by City Manager Sheryl Mitchell. The ceremonial groundbreaking of the Courtyard by Marriott hotel in Albion Michigan was very well attended with an overflow of guests and news teams. In this video, the first speaker, City Manager of Albion Sheryl Mitchell discusses some of the best new things coming to Albion in addition to the hotel including a new Oaklawn Hospital Dialysis Center and Albion College alumni choosing Albion as their home.

Transformation of Albion

Mayor of Albion Michigan Joe Domino discusses the transformation of Albion, and how key players including Albion College took a stand.  What Albion used to be was a factory town, our families all had members who worked there.  Now, in this new era,  we do not have to use our backs as much but we are working smarter.  Albion College is now the largest employer in Albion and is stepping out to help to rebuild this community.

The Crowd Gasps for this check presentation

Albion’s transformation is coming about with a little help from our friends who work for the City of Albion, such as City Manager Sheryl Mitchell, and Mayor Joe Domingo, and from others who work in Albion such as Albion Economic Development Corporation President and CEO Peggy Sindt. The developers and other Albion College alumni also are providing assistance. Last but not least, there are funds from outside the community including Federal funds. Here, a check is presented from Michigan Economic Development Corporation. A check that brought a gasp from the audience it was so big.

Alumni who can make things happen

President Mauri Ditzler of Albion College gives his 30 second speech to parents of prospective students.  Albion College alumni will come away more idealistic and more audacious than when they arrived.  Case in point is hotel developer Dr. Sam Shaheen,  Albion College graduate and a surgeon who practices medicine daily.

Albion College Graduation

Albion College Graduation Memories Scrapbook


A lovely day for Albion College graduation in 2017.

Students excited to be moving into a new chapter of their lives.

Things that this class can remember from the past year (2016- 2017) at Albion.



Albion College Commencement ceremony took place Saturday May 7, 2016 on the Quad in front of Kresge Gymnasium. This photo shows how the time before the graduation ceremony has looked in years past, with the seniors ready to line up for the big event. The students in the class of 2016 have seen quite a lot happen in Albion in their time here.

Just to name a few of the things that this class can remember and talk about –

  • The appointment of Dr. Mauri Ditzler as President of Albion College in 2013, and the President’s home on Michigan Avenue refurbished for his arrival in 2014.
  • A line storm that was likened to a tornado with thousands of trees destroyed in Albion Sept. 11 2013,
  • Watching changes in the City of Albion with the public schools struggling, and eventually emerging with the choice to be annexed with Marshall Public Schools, beginning the summer of 2016.
  • Demolition of a city block in downtown Albion with the announcement that a new hotel, a Courtyard Marriott will be built in downtown, with ground breaking coming next week.

This graduating class studied hard, had a little fun, networked, traveled, and did what it took to get a sheepskin from Albion College. They will join fellow Briton Alumni with their fond memories of their time here, their degree and framable diploma, their friends and associates, and something more. They gained knowledge, but they learned how to learn and to enjoy the continuing quest for wisdom that will help to make the world a better place.

Congratulations to the Albion College class of 2016.

Thank you for all that you have done, and for choosing Albion.

 See the 2016 gradation ceremony slideshow.

People of Albion were my inspiration

Soon to be retired President and CEO of Albion Economic  Development Corporation Peggy Sindt is introduced by Mauri Ditzler, Albion College President.  Peggy talks about the partnerships and teamwork that made the new hotel in Albion Michigan possible. She mentions how everyone at the ribbon cutting (a crowd of over 200 people) had something to do with making it possible.  She said people were here when things needed to happen and the people have come through.