Walk the Beat Albion


Help us spread the word about this new, fun and free event coming to Albion on October 15th! Kids ‘N’ Stuff Childrens Museum, Dickerson Music Company, Friends of the Bohm Theatre, Albion Malleable Brewing Company and the Albion Food Hub are hosting some incredible musicians! Thank you, Albion College for sponsoring this fundraising event! Don’t miss it!


For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/walkthebeatalbion

Pathways to Opportunity

Pathways to Opportunity booklet
Pathways to Opportunity booklet

A 16-page booklet called “Pathways to Opportunity” was distributed to homes and businesses in the City of Albion, the City of Marshall, and the rest of the newly enlarged Marshall Public Schools District.

Pathways shows many of the options for students to learn, including the Build Albion Fellows program, where select Albion residents can get an Albion College education in exchange for their civic service. The booklet includes many photos of students including those from Albion.

The photo above is of the class of 2016 at Marshall High School, that included many students from Albion.

Visit Marshall Public Schools to learn more.

Albion GED program at Albion District Library

ALbion_district_library_michigan_GED_programAlbion Michigan is fortunate to have both an active GED tutoring program (free for students) and also a testing location.

Learn more about the Albion program by visiting the Albion District Library website’s page about the program: http://www.albionlibrary.org/ged/

Adult Basic Education is a program of study designed to improve essential reading, writing, and math skills in adults in advance of GED study. The GED testing program offers adults who left school an opportunity to earn a high school credential. GED examinees must demonstrate twelfth grade competencies that would have been acquired in a four year high school education.  Competencies are demonstrated through a battery of tests covering four major subject areas.  These areas are Language Arts (Reading/Writing), Science, Mathematics, and Social Studies.

See where the other testing locations are near Albion at this link:


Albion Michigan Educational Resources


If you are new to Albion, we want to welcome you. Albion has more educational institutions than most cities.  The map to the left shows the educational resources we have now for the residents of Albion. We have Albion College, Kellogg Community College – Eastern Academic Campus, Starr Commonweath, and — our public schools, which have changed a lot. On May 3, 2016 the residents of the Albion Public School district including the City of Albion, voted to have Albion Public Schools annexed with Marshall Public Schools.  This was a difficult decision. Much of the newly enlarged school district is about 12 miles from Albion. Next, learn about a fun day in Albion.

Links to websites of places above – (some are pending!)

  • Albion College
  • Albion District Library
  • Harrington Elementary School
  • Kellogg Community College
  • Marshall Alternative High School
  • Marshall High School
  • Marshall Middle School


Unity & Diversity banners


Festival of the Forks celebrates Albion’s Unity & Diversity.

The theme is symbolized by the forks of a river. The river is one body of water, and yet there are forks in the river.   The forks of the Kalamazoo River are near the bridge in Victory Park.

Albion is a diverse community. We have a wide variety of talents and viewpoints, but everyone agrees that we all want what is best for our young people in Albion.

One day of the year we all come together to walk on our historic brick main street and celebrate our unity & diversity. Saturday, September 17th, 2016 is the 50th anniversary of the Festival of the Forks.  Albion was founded by the forks of the Kalamazoo River.
Come to Albion, enjoy Friday’s cruise-in, Saturday’s parade, music, ethnic foods, arts and crafts. See what is most special about Albion – our people!

Read more about when the Unity & Diversity banners were created.