Dolly Parton Imagination Library

mom_reading_to_babyOne of the best ways we can give is to read to our children.  Albion is lucky to be participating in a program that will provide your baby with a free book each month up until the age of 5.

The Dolly Parton Imagination Library is a FREE program where each month, from the day a child is born until his/her fifth birthday, a carefully selected book arrives in the mail.

To learn more about Albion District Library’s Imagination Library program and how you can participate or support the program, please call (517) 629-3993 or visit the Children’s Room at the Albion District Library.  You can also register online by going to this link:…


Here is the link to the official information about Albion’s Dolly Parton Imagination Library:

Dolly1 About Dolly Parton

Parton is the most honored female country performer of all time. Parton was born in Sevier County, Tennessee, the fourth of twelve children.  She has described her family as being “dirt poor”. Parton’s father paid the doctor who helped deliver her with a bag of oatmeal.

Her literacy program, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library,a part of the Dollywood Foundation, mails one book per month to each enrolled child from the time of their birth until they enter kindergarten. Currently over 1600 local communities provide the Imagination Library to almost 700,000 children each and every month across the U.S., Canada, the UK, and Australia.

Source: wikipedia

This program accepts donations and also would like to know of any families who are interested in participating.


GED Preparation Classes at Albion District LIbrary

Albion has a FREE GED preparation course that will help anyone who does not have a high school degree to get a certificate of equivalence.  The classes are offered at Albion District Library, 501 S. Superior Street, Albion, MI, 49224.  The GED tests do have fees, even though the preparation classes are no charge.

Here is a link to the official website with information about Albion’s GED program:


Question:  What is a GED certificate?

Answer: GED stands for General Educational Development. 

From wikipedia: “Passing the GED test gives those who do not complete high school, or who do not meet requirements for high school diploma, the opportunity to earn their high school equivalency credential, also called a high school equivalency diploma, general equivalency diploma a high-school degree awarded by a series of examinations; also called GED as in the dictionary, in the majority of the United States.”

General Guide XII – September 2015 – printable version

Literacy Series – featuring Albion Public Schools

Click on either of the images below to access a printable pdf file of the September 2015 General Guide to Albion(size 2MB – give it a minute to load)
Depending upon your plugins and settings in your browser, the file may download to your computer. From there you can read the file and print it onto two sheets of paper.



Albion Parks

The interactive Google Map of the Albion River Trail also has hidden layers that you can turn on if you would like. Just click on the list icon in the upper left of the map to turn on the layers to show Historical Markers near the Albion River Trail, and public art near the trail, and the Purple Gang Tour. You can also zoom in or out to see more detail, or the bigger picture. We will be adding more details to the markers in the future.

Albion has 17 official parks plus several areas that are similar to parks. The map above shows the parks and areas that are near the Albion River Trail. When you are on the river trail, you might like to stop by to see the Holland Park Transformation project.

Learn more about Albion’s Parks from the official City of Albion website at this link:

The post above was created for the 2015 Parks Edition.  Watch this site for upcoming information about Collaboration Corner (next to Biggby’s Coffee) and the Albion Dog Park, where your best friend can get out and run in a nice clean spot.

Holland Park Transformation

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Holland Park in Albion Michigan is the former location of West Ward School. A community group is making strides for an inter-generational gathering place.

Learn more about Holland Park Transformation on the Holland Park Transformation Facebook page:


An essay by Wes Dick that was posted to Albion College website tells more of the story:

A small town with a rich history, Albion’s story is America’s story. The Holland Park chapters include the Pottawatomie and their removal, the arrival of white settlers, and industrialization and the building of iron foundries which needed workers. Immigrants came from Europe and, as part of the Great Migration, African Americans came from the South. Once African Americans arrived, they were segregated by neighborhood and elementary school. West Ward School became the all-Black elementary school in 1918. Following World War II, Albion’s African American community led a civil rights campaign that culminated in the closing of the “separate but unequal” West Ward School. A park replaced the school. In 1974, the park was named in honor of Robert Holland, Sr., one of Albion’s civil rights leaders.

“The land on which Holland Park stands is ‘sacred ground,’ representing the civil rights struggle to end segregation and to achieve justice. The center plaque in the park says of Robert Holland: ‘He dealt with the physical West Ward in this city in order that others were free to deal with psychological West Wards in their minds.’ Current news reminds us that Martin Luther King’s ‘Dream’ has not been fully realized, giving the Holland Park quotation renewed relevance.

“The efforts led by Albion City Council Member Lenn Reid to transform Holland Park, the FireKeepers and Community Foundation grants for playground restoration, and the timely Albion visit of Ruth Holland Scott, daughter of Robert Holland, Sr., contribute to Albion’s revitalization and provide an opportunity for all of its citizens to better understand their history, which illuminates both American Dreams and the American Nightmares.

“Why is this history important? Knowing community history can instill pride and respect for the accomplishments of those who came before us. History needs to be truthful and the truth sometimes includes racism, segregation, and cruelty. History also includes people who acted with courage, worked hard, and whose dedication made a better world. While the dark side of history is depressing, the noble side of history is inspirational. The Holland Park story includes ‘bad news,’ but we are elevated through the examples of those who fought for justice. Martin Luther King, Jr. was fond of the quote: ‘The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.’ The Holland Park story reflects this sentiment. The Holland Park Transformation Initiative aspires to discover more of this history and to make it visible and interactive for young and old alike, motivating all of us to strive for justice.”

Kanoe the Kazoo

KANOE the KAZOOFrom the Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce

Kayakers and canoers, get your boats ready for this fun filled adventure paddling the beautiful Kalamazoo River from Homer, MI to Albion, MI.

July 25, 2015 – Registration will begin at 7:45 AM at the Grist Mill Park in Homer, MI and the official launch will be at 8:30.

Paddlers will begin their journey in Homer and travel 8 miles until they reach Albion, MI. Along the way paddlers will come across a small rapids, beautiful wildlife, and wide, slow flowing river.

Be sure to pack as many snacks and drinks as needed for the trip. Remember, what you pack in, you must pack out at the end of the day. And don’t forget sun screen and bug spray!

Once in Albion, the American Legion Hall will provide a delicious pig roast lunch for all paddlers. Transportation will also be available when paddlers are ready to be taken back to Homer and their vehicles.

Neighborhood Watch


Q – Why get involved?
A – So you can get to know your neighbors and make your neighborhood more secure.

Q – How to do this?
A – Talk to them, look out for each other.

More ideas:

  • Learn the names of your neighbors nearby.
  • Write them down on the chart below, along with their cell phone numbers. (will post chart soon)
  • Get to know something about them, a hobby, their kids’ names.
  • Join the Albion NextDoor program at
  • NextDoor will invite your neighbors for you.
  • Later, your neighbors may help watch your house when you are away.
  • has other ideas including car pooling, help with missing pets
  • Get notices from Albion Public Safety by signing up at [expand title=”See More” swaptitle=”Close”]The Albion Department of Public Safety has partnered with Nixle in order to provide more timely information to the community. By using Nixle ADPS will be able to message the community through a variety of platforms all at the same time. A Nixle message will be posted to the Department’s Facebook page, the Department’s NEW Twitter account, through email and by text alert. You as a recipient can sign up through Nixle and choose the way you receive your messages including 3 different levels of messaging. The three levels are Alert, Advisory and Community. With Nixle, you can choose how you receive each of these message levels. For instance, you can receive Alert messages through text while only getting Advisory and Community messages in your email. You can also chose not to sign up for Nixle and only get the messages on Facebook and/or Twitter. Nixle also allows for anonymous information to be sent to ADPS about incidents and crimes. It is my hope we can provide everyone in the community with timely information to incidents that affect all of us. The command staff at ADPS is dedicated to getting you the information as soon as possible, but at times it will be difficult for officers in the field to take the time to notify the community while actively involved in the incident. We are working to implement the use of Nixle as quickly as possible. The service is active and you can sign up for alerts that will be put out through Nixle effective immediately. The number of messages sent though Nixle will increase as the command staff receives training on the use of Nixle and what information needs to be sent out. I hope everyone finds this service to be helpful and please feel free to provide feedback or ask questions about the service. Please share the information about Nixle with family and friends in Albion who might not otherwise receive this letter.
    Chief Scott Kipp[/expand]
  • You can also submit an anonymous tip to Albion Public Safety thru Nixle here
  • More information is at:

You can also get Nixle alerts from the Calhoun County Sheriff’s office. These are usually about weather, although there was also an earthquake alert not long ago.  These messages might come in a little earlier than the Albion alerts.  Here is the page about past Sheriff alerts.  You can also text your ZIP CODE to 888777 for mobile alerts as explained on the same link.