Albion Food Hub & Farmers’ Market

The sponsor of the Local Food Edition – May and June, has been Albion Farmers’ Market and Albion Food Hub in recent years.

From the Albion Community Foundation website on this link:

“The Food Hub is designed to be a multi-purpose center with an emphasis on generating food-related businesses from the shared-use kitchen,” says Florence. “We’ll serve as an initial home base where small businesses can develop. Additionally, fresh local foods will be sold in the Fresh Food Market year- round, including produce, fruits, dairy, processed meat, honey, jam, vinegars, maple syrup, and hopefully, many other items.”

According to Peggy Sindt, the AEDC’s President, “Supporting food entrepreneurs is a natural extension of the Albion Economic Development Corporation’s long-standing business incubator, which has helped start several manufacturing businesses and supported a technology company. I am excited to think that our commercial kitchen will be the setting for producing great local food products for all of us to purchase and enjoy! Undertaking this initiative in partnership with the Albion Community Foundation and other local groups will be a win-win for Albion.”

“Another program component,” says Florence, “will be space for a ‘winter farmers’ market,’ or at least a fresh food exchange market during the cold months. We have garage space in the rear of the building which can be heated on market days so that buyers can have access to fresh, healthy, food directly from the farmer.” The market will be able to accept SNAP benefits, Project Fresh coupons, and Michigan Double-Up Food Bucks.”

Above, Chef Joe of the Albion Malleable Brewery has been busy testing recipes in the commercial kitchen of the Albion Food Hub.

Albion Farmers’ Market takes place on Saturdays year round.  In the warmer months, the market takes place at Stoffer Plaza.  In the cooler months, there is an indoor Farmers’ Market inside the Albion Food Hub.  Visit the Albion Farmers’ Market on Facebook by clicking here.

The Albion Food Hub and Albion Farmers’ Market sponsored the Local Food Edition General Guides in 2016 and 2017.

Superior Street Progress May 3, 2017

Downtown Albion is continuing major renovations with the rebricking of Superior Street. There have been some setbacks, such as hitting of water mains, and a delay of Stirling Books opening.
The progress continues nevertheless.
Come downtown for food, (use the back doors), Music, Movies and More.
Live Music by River Jazz Band on Wednesdays May 3, 17 and 31 at Cascarelli’s. See the calendar for more.
Get a cup of tea, or another beverage, and sit back to watch this exciting 8-minute video below of the workers at work on the street.  Video credit to Kent Davis.

Superior Street Albion Michigan April 2017

First click the arrow above, and then, for the best effect, please click the lower right symbol on the video panel to make the video full screen. Wait a few seconds for the tour to begin.
This video was captured on Sunday, April 23, 2017 by aerial videographer Kent Davis. Superior Street in Albion Michigan had been rebricked last in 1993, and due to heavy traffic, was in serious need of repair.

Other activities in downtown during this time period include a new Courtyard by Marriott Hotel being built right in the center of town. The Bohm Theatre has been recently renovated as a destination movie palace and next door Bohm II has been created and opened. At the corner of Cass St. and Superior St., the Ludington Center opened in January 2017 as a meeting place for Albion College and community events, as well as Michigan Works! and AmeriCorps VISTA office space.

Further toward the end of this video, a building on the corner of Superior Street and Erie Street (on the right) will be restored as the Peabody Project, an office and apartment multi-use structure. Also, toward the end, across from Homestead Savings Bank, is the future home of the Malleable Brewing Company. Many of these projects are posted elsewhere on this site, and more posts are coming.

Calm before another storm

This lovely moment in time in Albion Michigan was short lived.  The day after this photo was taken, the brick street was torn up, the trees chopped down.  We’ll have photos of that soon.  Never fear, it is all part of the master plan.  Albion is being rebuilt, and we will track along with some commentary and new information along the way.  We’ll be posting a new General Guide soon also, that will be a little different too.  Thank you for stopping by.

Progress for March 2017 in downtown Albion

Albion Michigan has a few new things happening lately.  A quote from the lively group on the NextDoor Albion site: “..we are so pleased with the large steps forward that we are seeing, a new hotel, a craft beer business, the Bohm II expansion, the Ludington Center, the new Dialysis center, the renovation of the Lautenslager building, the expansion of industrial businesses in the area. We are so blessed and need to support each other and work together. Let’s all strive to get along and make Albion the best it can be!”

Old Freight Depot has new owner

We are glad to see new buildings going up in Albion, but also to see new life come to an old building that had been vacant.  The old freight depot, behind the Albion Post Office, has come to life again, as Gina’s Pizza & Deli.  Gina’s was formerly located near “Five Points” on Michigan Ave, and had been closed for a few weeks early in 2017 so that she could get her new location ready for business.  The turn out has been great.

Ludington Center Opens – Preview Tour

Also known as the “101” building, the Ludington Center at 101 N. Superior Street, on the corner of W. Cass Street (next to City Hall) and N. Superior Street,  is a newly restored building adding vitality to downtown Albion. Below is the executive meeting area and we also show a gallery of views from inside.

The Executive Suite upstairs at the Ludington Center

Take a tour below by hovering on a photo to see the caption, and you can click on a photo to enlarge it and to read the whole caption.

About the building:  (from Leslie Dick on facebook) “It was the old Kessler-Parker building after the 1908 flood that destroyed many buildings on the block. In most of our oldest memories it was Knuth Furniture. It was the original site of Gale Manufacturing, then Albion Malleable Iron Company before the removal of those industries to the west side. It was named for William Kessler, owner of AMIC, and his stepson, Harry Parker who also built Parker Hotel (Munger Place) and 501 E. Michigan Ave, where Albion College president lives today.

“This can be viewed in two ways,” said Andrew French, the College’s director of community action and the building’s manager. “It can be viewed as a College building where the community participates, or it can be viewed as a community building where the College participates. We want to make it a community place. We want our community to think of this space as a place where they collaborate, with each other or with folks who work at the College, on all sorts of projects.”

ludington 240X220
The Ludington Center at 101 N. Superior St. in downtown Albion, has opened to the community and the College.

French said the Ludington Center is the latest downtown project – following the Kids ‘N’ Stuff Children’s Museum in 2002 and the Bohm Theatre renovation in 2014, and ahead of the Courtyard Marriott hotel, currently under construction – to bring the community and the College together.

Source:  Albion College website article

“The Ludington Center, Albion College’s latest connection between the College and the City of Albion, officially opened January 3, (2017).

Located at 101 N. Superior St. in a renovated building constructed in 1900 that is adjacent to Albion City Hall, the Ludington Center will be the new home for several College organizations as well as a community career and internship center, and includes classroom and meeting space.

‘This can be viewed in two ways,” said Andrew French, the College’s director of community action and the building’s manager. “It can be viewed as a College building where the community participates, or it can be viewed as a community building where the College participates. We want to make it a community place. We want our community to think of this space as a place where they collaborate, with each other or with folks who work at the College, on all sorts of projects.’ ”

Source:  Albion College website:

The Build Albion AmeriCorps VISTA Initiative serves at the Ludington Center when they are not throughout the community at their partnering service sights. You may see more of them in the next few months as they are doing their Albion Forward Community Survey. More information on that can be found at their facebook page –

Bohm II opens for more first run movies

The Bohm II allows the Bohm to show more first run movies and other types of movies at different times of day, as explained by Dick Lewin during the Grand Opening.

After four months of renovations, the unoccupied office space of the property adjacent to the historic Bohm was transformed into a 41-seat movie theater, complete with its own concession stand. Three of the seats are spaces for wheelchairs and the five seats making up the front are reclinable.

Bohm set out to raise at least $50,000 in 45 days on the crowdfunding site Patronicity to receive a $50,000 match from the MEDC and MSHDA’s Public Spaces Community Places program for the creation of the Bohm II. The campaign raised $74,000, of which $35,000 was raised by pledges before the crowdfund began.

excerpt source – the Albion College Pleaid:

Learn what is showing at the Bohm Theatre or at Bohm II by visiting this page:

Wall Street Journal article about Albion December 2016

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