Things are happening in Albion and sometimes it is good for neighbors to talk with each other.  There are discussions on the app Nextdoor about Albion’s city government,  services, special events and more.

Anyone can join, but only people from Albion can see the discussions about Albion.  It’s free.  This app also helps during times when it is helpful to know who is raking leaves, shoveling snow, who lost their dog, who has lost their power and other neighborhood issues.

Albion’s Farmer’s Market Aerial View 2017

French Market 2017

Take an aerial tour of Albion’s Stoffer Plaza by clicking on each photo to see it larger and to read the stories about each photo.
See the ground level photos of Albion’s French Market on this same day by clicking here.

French Market 2017

Albion’s French Market is a relatively new event. The 6th annual Albion French Market took place on Saturday June 10, 2017 at Stoffer Plaza. Dozens of vendors were there, as well as many of the usual Farmer’s Market Vendors. In recent years the French Market has become a place for musicians, artists, and chefs to share their arts.

See an aerial tour of this same day by clicking here.

General Guide XXIV May June 2017 Inside News

We hope to be posting more photos and stories about each of the items listed on this page.  We aren’t there yet.  We are now covering Marshall Michigan as well as Albion.

We do have some links – many are to outside sources – for each of the pictures shown in the Guide above:

Think Music Think Albion

Albion’s musical entertainment is bringing in visitors from near and far.   The mainstay of Albion’s live music has been Albion College, with the free concerts, especially in the Spring.  Most of these concerts take place at Goodrich Chapel.  We will be getting them all listed on our calendar, with links to the original source of information.  A new music event at the fabulous Bohm Theatre is the monthly Blues at the Bohm.  Stop by Cascarelli’s before you get there, for a bit of refreshment and pizza.

Another old source of music in Albion is Dickerson Music Company.  Now with new owner Kelly Kidder, there are new fun events at the old music store.  One such event is a gathering of Ukulele players in March of 2017.  Check out the video below even if you can’t be there for the jam.  Scroll down for more upcoming music events in Albion.

Open Mic night is now happening at the Bohm.  This event happens the Monday following Blues at the Bohm.  We’ll be posting more information soon.

This summer be sure to come and enjoy Swingin’ at the Shell at the one of a kind Victory Park Bandshell on Sunday evenings.   See some of the events from 2016 here:

Franke Center Youth Theatre Education Program

Franke Center for Performing Arts in Marshall


The Franke Center in Marshall Michigan was recently awarded a major prize by State Farm Insurance to develop a youth theatre education program.  This program will allow students from Marshall and from Albion to learn more about theatre performance and to make provisions for transportation and food after school so students can be at their best.

The details of the program will be announced soon on the Franke Center for the Performing Arts website at this location:

Classic Matinees at the Bohm

The Bohm Theatre in downtown Albion offers Classic Film Matinees on Fridays at 10:00 a.m.

The theme of the films in January aptly feature “Politics as Usual,” a peek at political history through the Hollywood lens.

Films coming in January 2017 are:

Retro Films and Retro Rates

Tickets $3.00 and $2.00 for small drink and small popcorn combo

This is not the official listing for the Bohm Theatre.

The Bohm Theatre in Albion offers first run movies in the evenings and classic film matinees on Friday mornings.

January 2017 offers a special series of Classic Film Matinees named “Politics as Usual.”

To see the official page of the Classic Film Matinees at the Bohm, visit this page:

Call the MOVIE HOTLINE: 517-343-2116

Visit the official Bohm Theatre website.

Walk the Beat Albion


Help us spread the word about this new, fun and free event coming to Albion on October 15th! Kids ‘N’ Stuff Childrens Museum, Dickerson Music Company, Friends of the Bohm Theatre, Albion Malleable Brewing Company and the Albion Food Hub are hosting some incredible musicians! Thank you, Albion College for sponsoring this fundraising event! Don’t miss it!


For more information visit