Calendar of big Albion Events

The Albion Google Calendar below shows big Albion Tourism events. It can also be synced with the calendar on your device for easy access to things happening in Albion.  This calendar is also offered for any organization who would like to sync with their own events and embed on their website.  Check below for lots more Albion calendars.

The calendar above links each event to the official source so you can verify each item before you make plans. Times and places are subject to change. Please

If you have trouble seeing the calendar or if the box is gray, here is a direct link to a bigger version:

Calendars of Albion Michigan events.

Some Facebook “Event pages” with awesome Albion events including live music.

Official Calendars of Albion College

(Please post YOUR events to the Albion e-calendar, see link above) To sync the Albion Tourism Events Calendar with your own calendar, click the Google+ link in the lower right of the calendar below.

See also the calendar that has more Calhoun County events on

Clues to using the Albion Google Calendar.

Anyone can see the calendar.

To sync the calendar to your own digital calendar, click the Google+ button in the lower right corner.

You will have the option to include other calendars that are shown here:

  • Earth events, such as the Equinox,
  • National Holidays (these might already be on your calendar),
  • National Observances (think St. Patrick’s Day)
  • and more.
  • We will add information on how to include weather soon.

To get your own digital calendar so you can start to plan your own schedule the new way, we suggest Google calendars. First, create a gmail account and log in to that. Google calendars are based on the web, unlike Outlook and iCalendar, that are more resource intensive. They can be grouped together like the calendar above.

You can create a free Google Calendar for your own organization complete with annual repeating events and links to the best information on your website like we have done here. It’s a good idea to create a complete calendar, but also a “LITE” version with a few really big events so people don’t turn off your calendar with too many dates.

An example would be a Google Calendar for College Theatre Events, College Sports events, College Music events, and one combined. The pieces all work together.

Others can then sync to your calendar and we will post community-wide calendars here with directions. Later we will post links to the best information on how to create and sync calendars. It isn’t that difficult if you follow the directions. It was FINDING the directions that was a bit hard.

We will be posting more info on how you can sync this calendar, and others, to your own google calendar, and other calendars such as Outlook. For apple devices, consider getting the app Sunrise, that is the only iOS app that is currently pushing for the Google calendar platform. The benefits of Google calendar is that it is web-based and cross-platform, no additional apps needed works on iphones and android devices also.

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